Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

A Story by lover of Sirius

It's my 21st birthday, and Ceri has organised a fancy dress party at a hotel to celebrate, anyone is welcome to attend, but there are 2 people who I didn't expect to turn up.


Birthday Wishes

“Ceri are you ready?” I called from the hallway, upstairs where Ceri was still getting ready,

“Almost, I'm just trying to do my corset up!” she replied,

I looked down at myself, I decided to go as a vampire, reminding me of my favourite film, Twilight. I wore a black mini-skirt, a black halter-neck top which came showed my toned stomach, with the words Team Edward across the chest, a pair of knee-high black heeled boots, a long black cape, fangs, and a half a vampire mask which covered the top half of my face, my lips had blood red lipstick on.
“Done it!” I heard Ceri shout in glee, I laughed, moments later Ceri walked carefully down the stairs, in her sexy short Snow White outfit, “Wow Fiona you look sexy” she said, I smiled and did a twirl

“Thanks Cez, you look amazing as well,” I grinned, she winked and picked up her small purse, sliding it down the hem of her skirt, I did the same with mine and we headed out the door.

I killed the engine of my car outside a huge hotel, remembering it briefly as to where my oldest brother got married, we stepped out and straightened our outfits, before heading into the building. We were led into a large dance floor, a large bar was along one side of the room, and the place was packed, the music incredibly loud, hot and sweaty bodies writhed against each other on the dance floor, I signaled to the bar, Ceri nodded and followed me over. After downing our first drinks we set out onto the dance floor. After half an hour we needed another drink so we headed over to the bar, suddenly everything went quiet, the lights dimmed and the DJ spoke to the crowd.

“Now, a little birdy tells me that this rocking-hard party was for a birthday girl, Fiona Mcnicol, if I remember correctly, will Fiona come onto the stage please, she has a large birthday cake waiting for her” I gasped, and taking a deep breath I made my way to the other side of the hall, I stepped onto the stage where on a table sat a large birthday cake, shaped like a Golden Snitch off Harry Potter, written in curly icing was Happy Birthday Fiona, have a great night, love Ceri xx 21 candles were decorated around the cake, lit. I took a deep breath and blew the candles out making a wish,

I wish to fall in love tonight, with the man I want the most

I opened my eyes to hear the whole crowd go up in cheers, girls were screaming, boys were wolf whistling, but as I made my way off stage, one boy stood out from the rest, Robert Pattinson, Twilight's own Edward Cullen, and he was staring straight at me, with a small smile on his lips, I tore my eyes away and went to find Ceri, hugging her tightly when I did

“Ceri that was a wonderful cake, thank you so much” I thanked pulling away,

“Fiona it's fine, and guess what!” she said, clearly excited

“What?” I asked, she pointed over to the other side of the hall, near the entrance, two tall men were talking, finally I realised the two men were David Tennant, famous for playing the Doctor, on Doctor Who for a successful 4 years, and Robert Pattinson, who caught my gaze and smiled, I looked away and pulled Ceri onto the dance floor, she came willingly and soon enough we were lost in the music.
I jumped as I felt strong arms circle themselves around my waist firmly, a head leaned on my shoulder, a husky voice spoke in my ear,

“I think I deserve a dance with the birthday girl, don't you?” I could tell straight away that it was Robert, I nodded mutely, and he spun me around, so I was facing him, he pulled me to him so our bodies were pressed together, our lips inches apart, although neither of us noticed as we were so caught up on looking into each others eyes, I didn't even notice Ceri walking off with David Tennant, who had asked her to dance, I found my voice

“You hardly know me” I breathed, he gave me a dazzling smile which made my heart flutter

“That may be the case, but let's just say that as soon as I laid eyes on you in your oh-so sexy vampire outfit, you instantly, how to put it? Oh yes, captivated me” he told me, and with that he bent his head further down towards me, his lips connected with mine in a soft but so passionate kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck as the kiss became more desparate, we pulled away for breath, my eyes slowly opened to stare at him, I was dazed to say the least

“Wow” I breathed, he grinned, I smiled shyly and looked down, he pulled me closer to him and I rested my head on his muscled chest, our bodies swaying in time with slow song playing, we stayed like this in silence, before he broke it

“May I ask, what you wished for?” he asked, I looked up at him,

“I wished to fall in love with the man I want the most, and I guess it came true” I smiled, he chuckled and went to kiss my lips again, but I stopped with a finger on his soft lips, “Did it come true though, will you be with me forever?” I asked quietly, he gently pulled my hand away from his lips and entwined them with his own, smiling at me

“Forever and always” he answered, I sighed happily and pulled him down for another kiss, but just before out lips touched he grinned and said

“And, I love your shirt by the way” before connecting out lips, I smiled into the kiss.

Best birthday ever, I must remember to thank Cez for this, but for now, she's busy, and so am I, I thought, instantly looking forward to the rest of my life.

I didn't notice Ceri taking a picture with her camera of me and Robert in a very intimate embrace. David was looking over her shoulder, his arms wound firmly around her waist, she was relaxed, happy and content, the was one of her best moments of her life, and she would be having plenty more, she smiled at the photo she had taken,

“She's never gonna want to forget this moment” she told her new boyfriend, she turned around to face David, who smiled,

“Neither am I” he said and captured her lips with his.

We both silently agreeing that this was the single most fantastic moment of our lives.


© 2010 lover of Sirius

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David Tennant... (; lovely.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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lover of Sirius
lover of Sirius

Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

hiii, my names Fiona i'm 17, Bisexual and from England. I love writing but i have a fear of stepping outside the boundaries of harry potter/ twilight etc. But fortunately for you i have been brain.. more..