Chapter 1 – Facing the consequences

Chapter 1 – Facing the consequences

A Chapter by lover of Sirius

Drastic Reality Change
Where we left off:
I stood up carefully and glanced at my watch, 4.43am, suddenly I had a peculiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the next thing I knew I was sprinting into the bathroom and throwing up violently. Once finished I gasped, realising what this could mean.

I was pregnant.

And I don’t know whether it was Sirius’ or Greyback’s.

I was in deep s**t now

3 months later

“Mom?” I looked up from the potions book I was reading to find Harry standing there with a transfiguration book in his hand.

“Yes honey?” I asked

“When can I start learning magic?” he asked

“When you start Hogwarts darling, two years time” I said, he nodded and sat next to me. He curled up into my side and continued to read his book. I smiled and let my eyes go back to my book, but I wasn’t taking in any of the words, I was just remembering the past few months.


3 months earlier.

I got up shakily from the bathroom floor and stumbled into the bedroom where Harry still slept. I was taking shuddering breaths as I fought to remain in control of my emotions. I gave up and fell to the floor, letting sobs overtake my body as I thought of the consequences. Suddenly the door opened and closed and a figure silently crept over to me, I knew it was Jasper, I could sense his presence, the next thing I knew I was calm. I searched around until I found topaz eyes.

“H…how did you do that?” I stuttered

“I'm not an average vampire” he said with a small smile, I let out a dry sob

“You’re an empath?” I stated

“I'm an empath, but I can also manipulate emotions” he added. I clenched my hands into tight fists “So are you going to tell me what is wrong?” he asked

“Yesterday, in Europe time, was my wedding, to my boyfriend of 8 years” I said I felt Jasper wrap his arms around me, I leaned into his chest, finding comfort against his marble frame “He took me to Harry’s father’s house, which he had obtained from James’, Harry’s father, Will. We did what you would usually do on a wedding night, and then Remus, his best friend and werewolf stopped by saying that Dumbledore needed to speak to them, so they went, and dropped me off at my flat in Cardiff, where I said I would make my way around to my best friend, John’s flat. On my way I was ambushed by a death eater and werewolf.” I stopped, fearing I would break down in sobs again

“He raped you?” Jasper asked quietly, I nodded into his chest

“Now I'm pregnant and I don’t know whose it is, my husbands or his” I said ‘his’ with deepest disgust

“Oh god Fiona” he murmured. We sat there for about an hour, him giving me silent company which I took with much gratitude

“How the hell am I gonna find out who’s baby it is?” I asked

“Well, maybe not now but vampires hate the smell of werewolves, no offence, and vice versa, but maybe in a couple of months we may be able find out who’s it is” Jasper suggested. I looked up at him and smiled softly.

“Thank you Jasper” I thanked.

*End of Flashback*

I stood up and put my book down.

“I'm going to make some hot chocolate, would you like some Harry?” I asked, he looked up and smiled at me

“Yes please” I smiled and walked into the kitchen and went about making the drinks. While I was stirring the milk I didn’t hear anyone sprint into the kitchen at vampire speed. I only noticed when I was about to pour the liquid into the mugs.

“You’d want to be careful with that” a melodic voice suggested causing me to jump and the saucepan to slip from my hands. I flinched violently and waited for the pan to clutter onto the floor. Noting happened; I looked down at it and gasped. The pan was frozen. It was tipped so the milk had started to pour out, except the milk was frozen in mid-air. I looked around and saw Jasper sitting at the table staring at me with a raised eyebrow “I didn’t know you could freeze time!” he said

“I can’t” I said and quickly took hold the pan and scooped the milk up. I looked at the stove and the flame was frozen. Then everything unfroze. I had to stop myself from hyperventilating. I put the pan down on the cooker and put the flame out

“Well you just did, you’re magic” he pointed out

“I know I'm magic Jazz! But no witch or wizard alive today or even in the past can stop time, it goes against the whole magic law” I stated. He looked at me for a moment before smiling.

“Well you’re obviously something special, and I think I’ve heard a myth about this” he said

“A myth” I repeated

“Yes, but I don’t know much. I know who does know about it though” he said

“Who?” I asked

“His names Billy Black, he lives in La Push on the Quileute Reservation” he told me. I nodded

“Ok, mind if Harry comes around yours?” I asked

“Sure, Emmett wants someone to play video games with” he smiled. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek. I quickly made Harry his drink and took it into him.

“Harry, once you’ve finished your drink, Jasper is gonna take you to his house. I’ve got a few errands to take care of” I told him.

“Okay mom” he agreed giving me a smile. I smiled back and kissed him on the forehead.

“Be good and I’ll be back soon” I said as I slipped my boots on. I picked up one set of keys to my Mercedes S600-Guard and threw them to Jasper who caught them, barely blinking. “Use it” I said he nodded and I picked up my other set of keys to my Jeep Recall, which I used for leisurely drives. I messed Harry’s hair up as I passed him and kissed Jasper on the cheek again, “See you later” I said and walked out the door. I walked into the garage and unlocked my big red Jeep.

The Quileute Reservation was not hard to find. I drove into what could’ve been a drive to a house, or maybe a shack. I shrugged and charmed my boots so they repelled all the mud. As I slipped out the car I saw a man in a wheel chair, on the porch with a younger man, they both had long black hair and dark skin. They looked up as I walked over them, my pregnant stomach not entirely noticeable.

“Good afternoon, I'm looking for Billy Black” I said once I got over to them. The man in the wheel chair smiled up at me.

“That would be me ma’am, how may I help you?” he asked kindly

“Drop the whole ma’am for starters” I smiled and shook his offered hand “My names Fiona Black” I said, he raised an eyebrow

“Black eh? And English too” he said he stayed silent for a moment as if he was thinking of something “You must be one of those magic lot” he said, I stared at him.

“You know of us?” I asked

“Know of you?! My great-grandfather was one of your lot. He was disowned from the family” he told me

“What was his name?” I asked

“Marius Black” he said. I thought hard.

“Marius Black, he was a squib wasn’t he?” I asked

“Well if that’s what you call people who can’t do magic then yes” Billy told me.

“Right, Billy, I’ve got something in the back of my car I think you might be interested in seeing” I said

“What is it?” he asked

“Well I’ve been working on it for a few months and it’s not quite finished, but it’s the Black family tree” I told him “I’ll just go fetch it” I ran to the car and pulled out a large tube of parchment.
I made my way back to Billy and the younger boy who was still there “I don’t think we’ve met?” I asked him. He grinned and shook his head holding out his hand

“Jacob Black, nice to meet you” I smiled and accepted his handshake

“Likewise Jacob” I looked back at Billy I held up the tube “Have you got a table?” Billy nodded and motioned to Jacob, who pushed him inside. I followed them in and spread the sheet of parchment on the large dining table. Like I said, there was half of the Black family tree.

“Right, as you can see, the line starts with 2 brothers and two sisters. Sirius and Phineas Nigellus, Elladora and Isla. On the original tree, Isla was disowned for marrying muggle Bob Hitchens” I pointed to the line leading off from Isla Black which connected to Bob Hitchens. Billy and Jacob nodded and I pressed on “Sirius died when he was eight, the cause of death I am still working on discovering. Elladora had no kids, which leaves us with Phineas Nigellus. He married one Ursula Flint and went on to have 5 kids. Sirius, Phineas Junior, (who was disowned for supporting Muggle Rights) Cygnus, Belvina and Arcturus.” I pointed to the line of Sirius “Sirius married Hesper Gamp” I moved my finger down the line joining Hesper and Sirius together “They had 3 children; Arcturus, Lycoris and Regulus” I pointed to the names then moved my finger up to the line above “Cygnus married a Violetta Bulstrode, they had 4 children; Pollux, Cassiopeia, Marius and Dorea” I took my finger off “And that’s all I’ve done so far” I said “but now I have some new family members to add” I smiled at Billy and pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil. “So Marius Black, the squib, moved to Forks” I looked up and he nodded to confirm it “He had a son…” I looked up at him

“Yes, Ephraim, was my grandfather” I wrote the names down

“And your father?” I asked

“William Black” he answered. I smiled at him and wrote the name down

“And then you and your son” I continued jotting them down “Any more children?”

“Twin daughters, Rachel and Rebecca” he said

“Your mother and grandmother?”

“My mother was Josephine, my grandmother Elizabeth” I nodded.

“Your wife?” I asked

“Sarah, deceased” he said, I looked up at him

“I'm so sorry Billy” he smiled at me

“Thank you, we’ve moved on with our lives haven’t we son?” he said looking at Jacob. Jacob smiled.

“Yeah dad” he answered. I wrote the last name down. I rolled the tree up and put the paper in my pocket while making the pencil disappear much to Billy’s and Jacob’s awe “Cool” Jacob grinned. I laughed.

“Right Billy. Showing you the tree wasn’t the thing I actually came here for” I said

“Go ahead” Billy said urging me to continue

“Well as you are probably aware of stopping time is impossible” Billy nodded “Well that’s what I did, today, I stopped time” I said “I was told there was a myth about it, and you would be the one to know about it”

“Well I do know a fair few myths” he admitted. I smiled.

“Anything about a witch who can stop time?” I asked. He took a minute of thinking then

“The Charmed Ones” he said.

“‘The Charmed Ones’” I repeated

“Yes, Jacob go and fetch the large trunk from the attic” Jacob disappeared from the room for about ten minutes before appearing again carrying quite a large and dusty brown trunk, he dumped it on the table. I blew a thick layer of dust off and spotted a large lembossed red triquetra I opened it and shuffled through cloaks and robes until discovering a large, very old, and very full book, it was a green, leather-bound book with an embossed red triquetra on the cover. It had the same symbol on the front and the title ‘The Book of Shadows’ I looked up at Billy.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked in disbelief

“Sadly I am not, if you can stop time although its not actually stopping time, its called molecular immobilization, the ability to slow down the molecules of an object to the point where they stop moving completely, therefore 'freezing' the object, there is a power opposite to this its called Molecular Combustion, speeding up the rate of molecules so much they explode, then you are indeed a Charmed One” he said

“You said A Charmed One you mean there’s more than one?” I asked

“In actual fact, there are 3 Charmed Ones, sisters,” he told me

“But I’ve only got a brother” I said

“Well there are two women out there who are actually your sisters, and are also The Charmed Ones”

“Can we find out who it is?” I asked

“Of course, you need to find the spell and you need to sacrifice some of your blood,” he told me. I rolled my eyes and sat down.

“What the hell have I landed myself in this time?” I muttered. “Ok, what do we need to do?”

“Look through the book and find a spell that calls blood to blood” he said. I opened the book at a random page

“There’s hundreds of spells it’s gonna take ages” I said

“Well hover you hands over the book and think of the page you want” Billy suggested. I did as I was told and as if all by its self it started to fly through its pages. It stopped on a page on the left hand side there was a picture of three women sitting around a table with a bubbling cauldron. On the right hand side there was a spell in neat writing. I pulled out a piece of parchment.

“So is there a cauldron anywhere?” I asked. Jacob looked through the trunk and pulled out a large pewter cauldron. He handed me it. “Thanks honey” I smiled I dropped the parchment in. “A knife?” I added. Once again, he looked through the trunk and pulled out a large silver blade, with the same symbol on the bottom of the handle. I cut my finger without even flinching and squeezed the blood out into the cauldron. I sucked the wound and then looked at the spell
Blood of the Charmed Ones
Blood of three
Find me my sisters
Show them to me
” I raised an eyebrow as the cauldron started to bubble and froth, before stopping “Cheesy or what?” Jacob sniggered I took a deep breath and pulled out the piece of parchment. Written clearly in blood were three names. I gasped.

“What’s it say?” Jacob

“The Charmed Ones; Fiona Warren, Ceri Warren and Lily Warren, but then there’s another name underneath, Sophie Warren,” I said

“In any case if one of the Charmed Ones is killed, the next one in line gets the power of them who passed on” Billy explained “Do you know any of them” I swallowed hard and nodded

“Fiona Warren, me, Ceri Warren is my best friend, her name is Ceri Jones, Lily Warren has got to be Lily Potter nee Evans, but died 8 years ago,” I told him “She was my adoptive son’s real mother,” I added

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he said gravely “What about this Sophie Warren?”

“One of my close friends, Sophie Taylor” I said. He thought about this

“4 sisters separated at birth” he mused

“Isn’t that some sort of coincidence though?” I wondered “I mean, Ceri and Alice are my best friends, I met them in high school, and Lily turned up on my doorstep requesting my help” I told them

“It seems someone has been dabbling with your lives” he offered “Who has the power to do that?”

“Albus Dumbledore!” I gasped they stared at me confused I pressed on “Dumbledore sent Lily to my house 9 years ago, requesting my help to defeat Voldemort, the Dark Lord, she was destined to die, but what is the point of sending them for my house when they die anyway!?” I said, “That damn prophecy!” I slammed my hand on the table causing a large crack to run through the middle “Damn, sorry” I apologized and cast a Reparo spell, the crack disappeared

“No worries my girl, it seems you have a lot to handle” he smiled softly

“Understatement on the century” I said “When I see that b*****d of a man I’m gonna wring him for all he’s worth” I threatened “But first I gotta get back to Cardiff in the next half a hour” I added

“How?” Jacob asked I smirked

“Wizard travel” I said “It’s called Floo Network, we can travel from one fireplace to another as long as you have got them connected” I explained they nodded in understanding. I put the Book of Shadows in the box, along with the blade and cauldron back into the trunk, shutting and locking it. I looked at Jacob “Do you want to come with me Jake?” I asked, his eyes lit up

“That would be so cool!” he agreed, I laughed

“Well go put the trunk in the back of my car for me, and I’ll meet you out there in a sec” I told him, he nodded and picked the large trunk up, rushing out the house, I turned to Billy “When does the change happen?” I asked, he raised an eyebrow


“You know, into a wolf. Billy, I know about the whole shape-shifter stuff,” I told him, he kept his eyebrow raised I sighed “I know about werewolves, one of my best friend’s is one, but you’re not actually a Child of the Moon, are you?” he sighed

“It was a disease passed on from an ancestor, centuries ago, my great-grandfather caught it, and it’s been passed on down, through generations, bar me” he explained, I glanced at my watch

“I want to know more about this Billy, but it will have to be another time, I’ll visit in a few days when I’m not busy,” I said, he nodded with a small smile

“Keep him safe Fiona, he’s the only family left,” he said

“Billy, no one would harm Jacob, you have my word,” I vowed. I smiled before picking up the Family Tree and notes, and walking out. Jacob was staring at my car in awe

“You have a nice car” he commented. I laughed

“Thanks, a friend of mine inspired me, Emmett Cullen, know him?” I asked as I put the items I was holding on the back seat.

“Of course, big bloke, there’s a legend saying that the Cullen’s are vampire’s,” he said, I hid a smirk and played along, he apparently didn’t know yet.

“Really?” I asked “I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months while I’ve been here. They are a really nice family” I said

“Yeah well, it’s just a myth” he shrugged. I smiled and got into the driver’s seat, Jacob joined me in the passengers. Putting our seatbelts on I started the engine and set off.

We arrived back at my house a mere 15 minutes later. I asked Jacob to carry the trunk inside and he did with a grin. He carried it into the living room and placed it down on the floor next to the fireplace.

“You ready?” I asked grabbing a handful of floo powder and stepping into the fireplace. He followed me in. I grabbed his hand. He nodded. “Potter Manor!” I shouted and suddenly we were engulfed in bright green flames. I tumbled out of another fireplace and I had the familiar feeling in my stomach. I summoned a bucket and through up violently. Jacob picked himself up off the floor and dusted his clothes off.

“Are you okay?” Jacob asked. I waved his concern off,

“I'm fine, I'm just not comfortable flooing when I'm three months pregnant” I laughed as Jacob’s eyes widened. I made the bucket disappear. “I'm not quite showing yet so you wouldn’t have noticed” I told him, he nodded. “Well follow me” I said and led him out of the large living room. I still hadn’t had a proper look around what would be my new home. “I wonder if we’ve got house-elves?” I wondered. Jacob raised his eyebrow. I shrugged and continued walking. We made our way upstairs.

“Do you even know where you’re going?” he asked



“You are such a teenager”

“Thanks” he grinned. I couldn’t help but grin too. We came to the end of the corridor. We stood in front of some double-doors. I turned the handles and pushed the doors open. I gasped. We stood in front of the biggest library I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Oh my god, I love this place” I smiled and walked in. Jacob laughed and followed me. Our footsteps echoed upon the gleaming polished floor.

(A/N: imagine the room where the Doctor and Donna run into in the Library episode with River Song, but imagine it much, much bigger and spread out, oh and no shop lol)

I looked around until my eyes landed on something that shocked me even more. On the far wall two enormous portraits hung. One of the portraits had a couple on, they looked middle aged, but with kind smiles. The man had glasses and dark messy hair; the woman had blonde hair with a beautiful face. These were Wizarding portraits, meaning they were life like On the other portrait I couldn’t help but smile, it was a painting of another couple, echoing memories of lost friends.

“Hello sister” the woman said.

“Hello Lily” I smiled, ignoring the tears running down my cheeks.

© 2010 lover of Sirius

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