New Year, but I feel the same

New Year, but I feel the same

A Story by marah

The clock is always flashing before our eyes, days becomes weeks, weeks become months, and months become years. We can do nothing but watch our lives continue on without ever feeling like we've lived.


I cannot go back
I cant redo the mistakes I made yesterday
or ignore the pain I faced a day before
I cant hide from the demons of my past
neither can I change ...people say things never last
but this pain is everlasting
who lied to me?
who let this time run pass?
who let these years become so dark
can we go back? I know we cant
just had to ask

people set timers, mark calendars, and reset their phones
they want to be caught up
up to date
but the thing is, we can never be on time
time has left us to rot
we think for one second were okay
the next were sad

why was I happy 3 seconds ago?
"I swear I just laughed" you said, but that has now become the past
now you're contemplating the importance of your life
funny how much this whole time thing can last
how sad you can be one second
and mad the next.
things are never permanent
but this concept of time, this never ending time
oh I swear that last
it doesnt stop

tick tock tick tock

how do you feel now?
how will you feel in a minute?
who knows...

only time can tell
this timer that clocks down the the moment we pass
then once again, it falls back to time
to declare when the exact moment we died
"what time did their heart beat stop" I hear...what time 
then we become just a piece of everyones past.
you become a time
a date
you become apart of that calendar, a day people mark down to remember you by
remember the time you were alive
you become someones yesterday
someones sad year
you become nothing but time

the timer is the puppet master
and us my dear,
we are held by strings
the strings that glide along that clock

we do not live every life by the second, whatever that means
we live our life trying to figure out what happened to us 3 seconds before and how we became so sad
we do not life our life prepared for the next day
like the cliche "were not promised tomorrow"
wouldnt even matter anyway, we live our life trying to understand our yesterday

this idea of time and trying to be on some schedule doesnt seem quite realistic to me
cause to be fairly honest with you
as i write this
i think about what compelled me
in my past
to even write about time

i forgot what made me intrigued to do so
then i think, does this make sense
why did i write that
another past tense
i do not for one second take into consideration about how people will interpret this in the future
im too busy about all these errors i will soon have to create once im finished
the mistakes i made in the past.
what seems like a long time ago
but it was 3 seconds ago
my past
when i was confused
and now i am finished
and here again,
i feel sad.
why do i feel sad?
what made me feel sad
this time thing
ensures nothing last.

© 2019 marah

Author's Note

who even knows.

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very complex ideas well expressed

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on January 8, 2019
Last Updated on January 9, 2019
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