New York

New York

A Chapter by .:Lu:.

Part one of the book


New York City, September 23, 4:32 a.m.

          It was raining . Actually, pouring to the point that my faded cloak was sticking to my skin as I ran. I wanted to stop and sleep, but I couldn’t. I had to keep running.

            As I ran, I could hear the traffic only a mere five feet from me. I could feel the human (at least, mostly human) pedestrians brushing against me. I saw the darkness growing closer behind me rapidly. My thoughts raced like my swift feet. Time was running out. I had to choose quickly.

            “You cannot outrun me, esay louve . Soon, you will tire. And when you tire, you will fail. You will fail the Council  and your life. You will die.”

            The cold voice hissed in my ear, but I only growled back at the source. “You may be right. I may not be able to beat you on foot, but this is a human town. You cannot win. Vi lonar, osi nath bit,  my lead, osi nath bit.”

            A ripple of wind ran past my arms and legs as I ran. I pulled my arms down and felt my limbs grow warmer, but still wet. The skyscrapers grew taller, along with everything else around me. I flicked my tail, which wasn’t there a moment earlier, and ran faster. My vision became sharper and my ears alert.

            Ducking into an alley, I dashed under an old crate. I couldn’t see anybody coming after me, but I had to be safe. My life was at stake.

            I watched as people walked by. Time slowed and sped. It was at least a quarter until five when I dared to check my safety. There was no danger that I could be aware of, even in this form. I cautiously stepped out and sat down in the rain. Looking up, I could see the clouds passing overhead. I concentrated on one spot and closed my eyes.

            I have lost the threat, my Huntress I am at the west side of what the humans call New York City, in the New worl-

            My thoughts were interrupted as something lifted me up off of the ground. I twisted myself and saw that a woman, about thirty years of age,picking me up. I tried to free myself, but her grip was too strong.

            “Hey, little kitty, it’s okay, I’m gonna keep you safe ,” she cooed. I resisted the urge to reach over and slice her nose. She was a regular human, I told myself. I can’t harm the being.

            I allowed the woman to carry me through the city to her apartment. It was fairly large one, at least compared to the ones I’ve seen. It was a two-bedroom unit, with a kitchen and living room. I was placed on the kitchen table while the woman ran into one of the bedrooms. She came out a moment later with a phone in one hand and a towel in the other. She was talking to someone, but I couldn’t make out the voice. I strained my ears, but I still fell short of hearing the conversation. I felt the woman start to dry me off, but stopped after a minute.

            “It’s a girl, a few years old, a semi-longhaired brown tabby. Main coon, I think. How soon can I bring her?” A pause. “Ok, fifteen minutes work?” Another pause. “I’ll bring her then.”

            The woman hung up and looked at me. “Baby girl, you’re going to the animal shelter.”

© 2010 .:Lu:.

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I might post the commented version after I finish the actual book part.

Posted 11 Years Ago

lol thanks, I've been working really hard on this!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice surprise at the end

Posted 11 Years Ago


Posted 11 Years Ago

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Galena, OH

Chocolate......bacon..............and cake. The joys of life. more..

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