The Midnight Masquerade

The Midnight Masquerade

A Poem by Czar Lyrus

A birthday present for my dearest...


Standing in this burning sunset I wait,
For the call of the midnight masquerade.
Music begins when the hour is late,
Alone I am, into the crowd I fade.

Along these halls a head of blonde I spied,
Standing on his own in a far alcove.
Behind the mask were two glittering eyes,
Ah, deep into that ocean blue I dove…

The entire room of people dimmed,
Around me I saw none other than him.
My heart was sent fluttering on the wind,
When he came to me and asked on a whim,

“Oh, to dance with you is all I can ask,
Because only you can myself unmask.”

A voice lilting like than of a siren,
Entranced me into a moonlit tango.
Dancing on the wide plains of Orion,
Wherever the storm went the rain would go…

Before I knew it, the ball was over,
And still I had not seen this phantom’s face.
But soon my luck was to change-forever!
For now he walked me out at a slow pace.

I was stunned by this man’s chivalry,
There was no way I could ever resist,
As he opened a carriage door for me,
Driving away into deep clouds of mist.

Up the mountains to a castle we drew,
Up flights of stairs to his lavish bedroom…

Tenderly, he brought my hands to his mask,
Crafted from the feathers of an angel.
I trembled as I undid the clasp,
Yes… for my composure I did wrangle.

The angles wept upon this divine sight!
With a smile he stood up and laid me down.
And though resist as I possibly might,
From his sweet lullaby sleep I had found.

Into the land of fantasy I fell
When I awoke, I was filled with dismay,
My lonely tears broke this terrible spell,
I was in my own bed, brimming with pain…

But downstairs again that sweet smile I met,
Sending my soul into peaceful quiet.

© 2008 Czar Lyrus

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Definitely not what I expected, and I mean that in a good way. It's a great poem, with good rhyme scheme and excellent use of iambic pentameter. Is it written in a specific style/form?

Posted 14 Years Ago

Great rhymes! Flows just like a serene river. Very good emotional descriptions. Heartwarmingly poignant!

Posted 14 Years Ago

That's beautiful. Perfect use of Iambic Pentameter. I could picture all of it and I loved your descriptions. "Behind the mask were two glittering eyes, Ah, deep into that ocean blue I dove..." Fantastic description and a great birthday present for him. I'm sure he loved it!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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it's absolutely amazing!!!!!!
i can't find the words to describe how much i like it!!!!
it's so good!!!!
this romance....this love the protagonists feel from the first moment......WOW
great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Czar Lyrus
Czar Lyrus


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