A Story by Charley

This is a short story told from the view of a soldier who is about to go into battle. its a little bit of a thinker but i dont think it'll break your brain


    We stand our ground; slowly pacing back and forth, waiting for the
command. I see Patrick and Thor a ways away from me, both anxiously
watching the doors. Everyone eventually looks at the loudspeakers
posted above the entrance, dreading the signal to start. Men all
around shift positions; some off to relieve themselves, others to find
a way to escape the impending doom that will come of us all.

    After hours of waiting, the sound we didn't want fills the courtyard,
entering our wandering, scared minds. It's time. Everyone scrambles
for their weapons and helmets, rushing to get ready, but not to be the
first ones out. I strap on my metal helmet and refasten my blast proof
armor. Bending down, I grab my blaster and wait for Sargent Mathes to
regroup his division, me included.

    He calmly looks around at the other sargents, no doubt waiting for
someone else to start off the fight. Mathes sighs and clears his
throat, then yells "All right men! Division J! Into formation now!"
Patrick and Thor come racing over from the far east of camp, with many
men fallowing in suit. I wait for several soldiers to gather before I
hop to attention. My friends step in line beside me, fourth row back.

Once we are all in form, Sargent Mathes looks around once again and

begins his pep-talk, even though we know we're doomed.

    "Today, we march into battle! Not only will we be fighting for
survival, but for our families back at the mother ship. We have to
secure this region if we want to have a good place to start again." He
pauses for effect and to watch for signals from Commander Kishel.

"Ready your blasters!" Bellows the Sargent for the division next to

us, Division C. Commander Kishel must have given the signal for the
invasion. We start marching out of the giant doors, still in formation.
Division F is first, then G, C, I, A, E, B, D, and H. Here it is. The
inevitable. We're next, leaving the empty camp behind us.

I spy more than a few men throw longing glances at the ship looming 300 feet

above our heads. I keep my eyes ahead, trying to not think about Kim
and Lucy, Mom and Dad.

    The Flack don't stand a chance. That's what we tell ourselves, but
everybody has seen vids about how intelligent and violent they are.
It's surprising how advanced the local species is. They have bombs,
bows and arrows, catapults, even an improved straw that is like a
crude gun. Nothing as complicated or advanced as our blasters.

Here we are, on a fertile planet called Omega-Zeta, trying to

overpower the locals so we can inhabit it for ourselves.

© 2011 Charley

Author's Note

tell me what you think... it was my first try at sci fi. :)

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I did like this for a sci-fi story. Normally i don't like such things. I think this could turn into a good chapter story too though

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like it. Where are the aliens from? Or is he an anlien

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Lafayette, CO

I love writing stories. I often have ideas, but they don't all get onto paper. Most of my stories remain unfinished, but I'm hoping to change that. *update* November 2015 I wrote a whole novel.. more..

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