Useless Dreams and Broken Wishes Repaired

Useless Dreams and Broken Wishes Repaired

A Chapter by Charley

Star 11: Pink

In theatre, I don’t talk to Tanner much, mostly because she’s busy working where the directors put her, putting together costumes for the middle school actors and actresses. I am in the back, working with my new sort of friend, Sean. We are putting together the scenery for the play. Who knew finding pieces of wood the same thickness was so hard! So, I was quite surprised when Tanner came up to me and started talking. Well, really, she came up to me and Sean, but I ended up blushing as if she came over to me. Sean helped her more than I did, because I wasn’t truly listening when she started talking. Her voice is magical. It’s smooth, but also with a slight rasp at the end that keeps you hanging on, especially when she fixes her deep, sapphire eyes on yours. I like to think I was smiling back, but I was so dumbstruck.

Star 12: Yellow

After talking with my friends- Tori, Jackie, and Marty- we have come to the decision that if Tanner is real, I need to actually talk to her. And introduce myself. Well, really, they decided that for me. I’m usually at least a little outgoing, but now, I find myself very shy. I want to get to know her, but I don’t really think she’ll want to get to know me.

Star 13: White

I try approaching her, but whenever I get close enough to say ‘hi,’ someone else comes up to her to ask her opinion about something. She then follows them and doesn’t return to the costumes for about 15 minutes. I sulk back and continue working with Sean. To think, I had gathered up my courage for nothing. Well, at least I tried.

Star 14: Black

As soon as I walk into theatre class and set my stuff down, Tanner comes racing up to me.

“You listen to NightVale too?” She asks, the glee apparent in her eyes.

“Uh, y-yeah,” I hesitantly nod, confounded by the sudden interaction. She points to my shirt, smiling widely. I look down, and a wave of amusement rushes through my head. I’m wearing my favorite NightVale shirt; that’s why she came rushing up to me. We talk about NightVale Community Radio, Cecil, the beloved Carlos with the perfect hair, the glowing lights above the Arby’s sign, the floating cat whose name I can’t pronounce, the glow cloud, and how much we hate Desert Bluffs.

Star 15: Blue (I don’t have purple)

We spent yet another theatre class talking about NightVale. I had no clue there was another Night Vale Community Radio listener at this school; I learned about it online and my friends are just ‘too busy’ to listen to it. It’s so great to finally talk with Tanner! And about something I love!

Star 16: Orange

While talking about Night Vale today, Tanner asked how far I am in the series.

“I haven’t listened to it for a while,” I sheepishly  shrug, looking down.

“It’s okay!” She states, gently touching my arm, causing me to look up, “I haven’t either. I got so busy with school, I have forgotten to listen to the more recent ones.”  

“I think I left off on the.. . 52nd? Maybe?”

“Me, too! Or, at least somewhere around there,” Tanner smiles.

Star 17: Green

I look forward to theatre everyday now, the sadness of Saturday weighing heavily upon me once again. Saturday... Saturday is like the Steve Carlsberg of the week. But only for me.

Star 18: Pink

A new day, Sunday. Another chance for making art. This time, it’s a jumbled darkness with patterns hiding within the black. The only part that is completely black or void is in the shape of a face, but not a very good one because f**k it, I’m bad at faces. And lips. F*****g lips.

On the face, there are piercing blue eyes and bright, blood red lips. Guess who it is.

Star 19: White

OH MY GOD I LIED. Mondays still suck. The only plus is that I get to see Tanner. But otherwise, I can not concentrate. Or function. I’m sitting in 1st period, and Monday is horrible already. I have become acutely aware of all the homework I have forgotten or ignored for the past few weeks. J’en ai mar! F**K

Star 20: Red

“Waitin’ for the bus in rain in the rain rain waitin’ for the bus in the rain,” I hear as I walk into theatre, making a grin spread across my face before I even see who’s singing. The melodious voice of Tanner is recognizable anywhere. As I sneak up behind her, I join in on the song.

“Waitin’ for the bus in the rain but the bus is late waitin’ for the bus in the rain in the rain rain,” quiet at first, but gradually getting louder as I stand on the other side of the curtain she’s ever so slightly dancing next to. I hear her stop singing, and I do the same. A second later, she peeks around the curtain, and a huge smile appears on her face as she sees me awkwardly standing there.

“Hi,” I timidly wave.

“Hey, you! Silly,” she laughs, smiles again, and looks at me for a minute. It was very weird, just both of us looking at each other, with a shared smile. I get this strong urge to go hug her, but I push it down in fear she’ll reject it.  She sighs and blinks a bit before hesitantly running off to help with costumes.

© 2014 Charley

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Added on November 9, 2014
Last Updated on November 9, 2014
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I love writing stories. I often have ideas, but they don't all get onto paper. Most of my stories remain unfinished, but I'm hoping to change that. *update* November 2015 I wrote a whole novel.. more..

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