"Pumpkins AND Marvel?! We have to go!"

"Pumpkins AND Marvel?! We have to go!"

A Chapter by Charley

Star 41: Orange

It’s almost Halloween. You can tell because there’s already Thanksgiving commercials and Christmas merch up in stores. Everyone’s got their pumpkins or going to get them really soon. I, personally, am tired of the whole carving pumpkins thing. I’m going to try something new this year, by melting crayons on mine. Therefore, I want a white pumpkin- also known as a ghost pumpkin.

Star 42: Black

Also, I need a new box of crayons. I’m going to have a melted crayon rainbow on my pumpkin. It’s going to be fabulous! I love rainbows. Hey! I could ask Tanner if she want to go to a pumpkin patch before the movie; there’s one nearby the theatre I usually go to.

Star 43: Yellow

“Hey, Tanner,” I say, waving to her as I enter the theatre classroom, “About the movie we discussed seeing...” I start. Her smile wavers a little, as if she’s expecting me to say I can’t go.

“Don’t worry, I’d still love to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with you,” I say, trying to comfort her. “I was just wondering if you’d like to go to a pumpkin patch beforehand.”

“Oh, yeah! Totally!” She responds, relief spreading across her face.

“Awesome,” her smile reaching my face as well.

Star 44: Blue

“Tori! Hey Tori!” I call out, racing down the hallway after 5th period. It’s lunch hour, so I don’t really need to run after her since we always sit together, but I also wanted to talk with her.

“Hey,” she says, turning towards me.

“Would you and Alissa be willing to join me and Tanner to see Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Star 45: Pink

“Uh, that’s the new Marvel movie, right?” Tori asks, slightly confused. I nod and she responds, “Yeah, sure. I know Alissa really likes Marvel, so she’d probably love to. Suggest it at lunch, ok? Also, I think Martin is looking for something to bring Sam to as well, so he might be interested. And of course, Jackie will invite Jason as soon as she hears. That’s a lot of people...” She talks through this on our way to the cafeteria, both of us dodging the underclassmen who don’t know how a hallway works.

Star 46: White

“Also, Tanner and I were thinking we could go by a pumpkin patch first, while it’s still light out,” I add after explaining the plan to my friends at lunch.

“Tori! Pumpkins AND Marvel?! We have to go!” Alissa exclaims, tightly clutching Tori’s arm, bouncing up and down in excitement.

Star 47: Green

“Ok, so Alissa and I are in. And I can drive 3 others,” Tori calmly states. She turns to Martin, “Martin, are you bringing Sam? I’ve met him, and I’m sure everyone else wants to as well.”

“Uhm, I’ll- I’ll ask him,” Martin stammers.

Star 48: Orange

Jackie has a car as well, meaning Jason will be riding with her, with 3 more open seats. I’ll probably go with them, along with Tanner of course. Perfect, we have enough seats. Eight of us going, we’re going to have a lot of fun!

Star 49: Blue

While in theatre today, I talk with Tanner about the plan, and we decide to go on Friday of this week, since that is technically the first chance we’ll get to see Guardians of the Galaxy- it comes out to the theatre near us on Friday. For some reason, I thought it was already out. Hmm. Oops. Good thing Tanner is more up-to-date about these things than I am.

Star 50: Red

Thank goodness we got stuff figured out for the movie yesterday, because we don’t have much time to talk today. Our theatre teacher taught Tanner how to work the light board up in the booth today, and she wants her to work on lighting for a while. Meanwhile, since the middle school actors and actresses are supposed to be close to off-book, I am up in the loft above the booth controlling the spotlight for them down on the stage. Sometimes in the play we are presenting, we have the actors in front of the curtain giving speeches to the audience. Also, Tanner is still trying to figure out the basic commands on the light board, so the stage is sometimes black because the house lights are off as well. That’s where my spotlight comes in again. It’s super bright and I kind of feel bad for the middle schoolers standing beneath it, but not really. It’s funny to see their reactions.

© 2014 Charley

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Added on November 10, 2014
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