We're Huge Dorks

We're Huge Dorks

A Chapter by Charley

Star 31: Orange

There’s this buzzing sound, I can’t figure out what it is, but it’s really annoying. It’s making it hard for me to concentrate on my stats homework. I keep shaking my head, trying to get rid of it, but it’s not going away.

Star 32: Pink

I give up on my homework and head outside again. My backyard is beautiful today. My parents work on cleaning it up at least once a week, so it’s pretty well taken care of. It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon right now, and the sun shows signs of it’s intent to set soon. Brilliant orange and pink cover the clouds, light streaming across the sky. A light breeze reminiscent of summer sweeps over me, and it feels great.

Star 33: Red

My dream consists of a bunch of random things. 4 people, astronauts maybe; a cat; tight spaces; and the last thing I can remember is darkness. My dreams are always a bit confusing, usually not connected to my life in any way. If not for the fact that I do have cats, this dream would be no exception.

Star 34: Black

This morning is like any other; I wake up, take a shower, get ready, the usual. I get to school, grab breakfast and meet up with my friends before class. Tori and Martin are standing by our lockers, obviously in the middle of a heated debate. They stop when they see me coming up to them.

“Hey,” I say, giving them a confused look. “What’s all the commotion about?”

“Oh, nothing,” Tori says, obviously covering up something.

“Pssh, yeah right,” I roll my eyes at them, opening up my locker and switching out the notebooks I need for today. I hear them quietly discussing something behind my back, not being very subtle.

Star 35: Green

The bell rings and I hurry up, turning around as Tori and Martin wave good bye.

“I guess I’ll find out what you were talking about later, then,” I call after them. They have class on the east side of the building on the second floor. Our lockers are on the second floor, and my class is on the west side of the building on the first floor, so it’s easier for us to walk separate ways to get to class. Tori and Martin both have chemistry first, along with Martin’s friend Sam. They’re lucky they have classes together; the only friend of mine I have a class with is Tanner, which isn't to say it’s disappointing; Tanner’s awesome.

Star 36: Blue

This time, it’s my turn to surprise Tanner as she walks into theatre. I actually got there before her, which is rare. I wasn't planning to jump on her like she did to me several times, but as she walks in, I see her shirt and I get to fangirl all over the place.

Star 37: White

I decide to play it cool, in a way. I’m still a huge dork, but instead of going straight up to her, I kind of casually danced around it. But not at all. I snuck up behind her going,

“Doo-EEEE-OOOOOOO,” the theme song to an apparent shared interest of ours- Doctor Who.

“Yay! I hoped you’d be a whovian as well!” Tanner turns around, grinning from ear to ear.

Star 38: Yellow

I’m pretty sure Tanner wore a Doctor Who shirt just to see if I was also a whovian, because she usually wears very stylish clothes. But today, she was wearing just plain jeans and a grey shirt with a TARDIS on it.

“I like your outfit,” I comment as we walk over to the shop. Once again, we spend all theatre class talking about our nerd interests while making scenery and weirding Sean out with our random outbursts of ‘EXTERMINATE,’ ‘DELETE,’ and some lyrics from the Chameleon Circuit album “Still Got Legs.”  

Star 39: Red

“Hey, um,” Tanner says, not quite smiling. She clears her throat, “do you... Would you like to hang out sometime? Like, watch The Avengers or something sometime?”

“Sure! Or, if you’re interested, Guardians of the Galaxy just came out in Theatres,” I suggest. “We could go see it.”

“Yeah, totally! I’ve been wanting to see that,” Tanner’s smile comes back.

Star 40: Green

Oh my goodness I can not wait until I go see Guardians with Tanner. Even while I was suggesting it, I was excited, but super nervous she might shoot me down even though she came up with the idea we hang out.

“Sooooooo, do we want to bring along friends, or...” I ask,trying to get further details about the movie.

“Sure, if you want. Most of my friends have jobs they report to right after school, so they may or may not be able to go. But, we could go with your friends,” Tanner says, her smile never faltering.

© 2014 Charley

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Added on November 10, 2014
Last Updated on November 10, 2014
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Lafayette, CO

I love writing stories. I often have ideas, but they don't all get onto paper. Most of my stories remain unfinished, but I'm hoping to change that. *update* November 2015 I wrote a whole novel.. more..

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