Daydream In Red

Daydream In Red

A Chapter by Charley

Star 1: Blue

I saw the most beautiful girl at school today. I caught just a brief glimpse of her in the hallway during passing period. I looked up right as she was passing me on the other side of the hall. Her hair was a deep crimson color and she had on bright, thick, red lipstick to match. It happened so fast, I'm afraid it might have just been the product of a daydream.

Star 2: Green

I can't stop thinking about the girl. I haven't seen her at school today, or at any point yesterday after the first instance. Her grin as she passed through the hall was of genuine happiness, or maybe just a certain aloof, carelessness. She walked with such confidence; I wish I could achieve such a strut.

Star 3: Red

Whenever I zone out now, I see the red of the girl's lipstick. It was mesmerizing, along with the matching scarlet of her hair. The more I think about the instance, the more I think I am romanticizing it. Just wishful thinking along with a heart full of useless dreams and broken wishes.

Star 4: Black

I still have yet to see the girl around school. The absence is really disheartening. I miss the hope I had the last few days. I hoped I'd see her. But really, its just my luck; I always romanticize the unattainable and bring my hopes up way too much.

Star 5: Yellow

Besides, if I saw her, what would I do? I'm never good with talking to new people. I could go up to her and say hi, but that would be weird because I have literally only seen her once. How would I preface me going up to her and introducing myself? It'd be weird. She probably wouldn't want to talk to me, not hear me, or ignore me. After all, she seems like she'd usually be surrounded by other popular people, talking about upcoming parties or something.

Star 6: Orange

I should really stop judging people by their appearances... I saw the girl again today. She just transferred into my Advanced Theatre and Production class. It turns out, she's really nice and super smart. Her schedule wasn't working out, so since it's the second week of school, they were able to move it around a bit.

Star 7: White

Tanner. Her name is Tanner. Such a weird, out-of-the-blue, fantastic name for a girl. So pretty. She says there's a sorry behind it, but has yet to divulge that information.

She's a lot of help in Theatre. We had already decided on the play and what the high school students' roles were, so she just became the 'Theatre Fairy;' she just helps out wherever she's needed.

Star 8: Green

I love having Tanner in my class. She's so helpful! And pretty. Everyday, she comes into class with her great smile and enthusiastic personality . None of my friends are in my theatre class, so they don't believe me that she's so perfect. I think they think she's made up.

Star 9: Blue

It's the weekend. Normally I'm happy for a break from school; especially after having the whole summer off, but this time, I find myself... sad. I cannot figure it out. Or, could not. It took me all day, moping about and avoiding homework to finally figure it out. I was soaking in the tub, bubbles aaaaaallllllll around, letting my mind wander. The deep, silky red that I've come to associate with Tanner kept slipping into my head.

Star 10: Red

Sunday. A day for homework that has been procrastinated away, or for further procrastination. For me, it is a day of further procrastination disguised as school work. But, to be fair, it can count as a piece for dig. art. Instead of doing my psychology notes, I decided to sketch. The figure is a woman off in the distance, walking down a lonely street at night. The drawing is all black and white except for the hair. It, of course, is a nice shade of scarlet.

© 2014 Charley

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Hmmm. I sort of just fell into this, since I don't usually read prose on WC. But I am fascinated by this: the short but invasive formatting, and it's all very poetic, actually. Maybe I'll make my way through this story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

I'm so glad you like it! I would love your feedback along the way if you do continue!

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Added on November 8, 2014
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Lafayette, CO

I love writing stories. I often have ideas, but they don't all get onto paper. Most of my stories remain unfinished, but I'm hoping to change that. *update* November 2015 I wrote a whole novel.. more..

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