Blacked Out Control Booth

Blacked Out Control Booth

A Chapter by Charley

Star 51: Pink

I think Sean is a little glad to have the shop space all to himself with Tanner and I working on lights. Well, I try to aid Tanner, but I am not much help due to my lack of experience with light boards. Boo. Back to the loft for me.

Star 52: Black

Today, I’m working the spotlight, but then Tanner turns on enough stage lights so that the middle schoolers don’t need me anymore. There are these bars along the edge of the loft, keeping costumes and whatnot on, that I like to lean against while sitting. So, being of no use, I sit down on the edge and watch the middle school actors try to perform to our less than interested directors.

Star 53: Yellow

The bars are a handy height so I can rest my head and arms on the lowest one. This is also a kind of bad choice, because I’m tired already and, in this position, I could easily fall asleep. I didn’t get much sleep last night because of my excitement for tonight -the movie- so sleep is sounding pretty good right now.

Star 54: Orange

I give in and close my eyes for just a second, but it must have been longer because when I wake up, Tanner is sitting beside me, her head on the bar like mine, tilted to the side. But she’s facing me. Her red lips surrounding her smile accentuates it’s beauty in itself. I was startled when I first opened my eyes, but I like this.  

Star 55: White

“Hey,” Tanner says after a few minutes.

“Hullo, I manage back, clearing my throat in the process. “How long have you been up here?” She shrugs,

“About 5 minutes ish? I just couldn’t do any more on the light board today, so I figured I’d come up here and see what you’re up to,” we sit there like that for a little longer, but then she says,

“C’mon, the bell is going to ring soon.”

Star 56: Blue  

Slowly, we get up and head down the ladder.

“It looks like Damien has already closed up the sound board,” Tanner comments as we step into the darkened booth. She’s standing over the light board, shutting everything down so we can close up and it’s ready for next period. I walk up to the board after jumping down the last rung on the ladder, staying a few feet back so that Tanner can move side to side around it, clicking buttons and sliding switches whose function I don’t know.

Star 57: Pink

She accidentally stumbles back a bit, but I wasn’t exactly paying attention. So, our feet get caught up and with some exclamations and maybe a shriek or two, we fall completely over. We end up on the floor, Tanner slightly on top of me in the stereotypical entanglement of lovers.

Star 58: Red

We laugh, a bit hesitantly, but stop. Tanner’s looking into my eyes, me into hers. Her beautiful, deep red hair streaming down over her shoulders. I imagine I look a bit frightened, but I don’t know for sure. I’m excited, my heart racing beyond belief in my chest, not from tonight, but from now. Her scarlet lips part slightly, and her eyes flick down to my plain lips, then back up to my eyes.

Star 59: White

Laughing again- or rather, letting air out of our lungs in lieu of laughs-, she looks down as the bell rings and we both awkwardly sit up.

“So, uh. Yeah,” I clear my throat and take a deep breath, “Uhm, soooooo, tonight. Meet by the flagpole near the student parking?”

“Yeah, flagpole. Sounds good.”

Star 60: Green

"Look at all the useless s**t you can do! You're Iron Man!" This phrase was going through my head all 7th period, along with so many feelings, moments, and questions jumbled in my mind. I didn’t focus or absorb anything that period, so it’s good that I only have PE. It’s not my favorite, but at least all the games are mindless. The only thing that requires brainpower is counting the amount of crunches and pushups I do. Class ends and I dress out, almost jumping around with excitement for the pumpkin and Marvel adventures that await us after class. But at the same time, I’m super nervous. Even though Tanner’s really the one who kept the lovely staring going earlier, I’m still kind of afraid she’s not interested.

© 2014 Charley

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Added on November 11, 2014
Last Updated on November 11, 2014
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