A Poem by Charley

A poem about person escaping from people by running in the woods.



A dark and dreary moonlit night,
Stray clouds cover the moon. 
A breeze begins to shake the trees. 
The men will find me soon. 
A pack of angry wolves fly past, 
Running from the moon's light. 
The clouds are quickly moving by, 
Illuminating flight. 
Birds wake, screech, a call of alarm. 
All around, creatures flee. 
High in a tree, I hide, waiting. 
They finally found me. 
Climbing high, I remain hidden. 
I pray a twig won't break. 
Thought they have captured all my friends, 
It is me they won't take. 
I can see them, below me now. 
I hear before seeing. 
Whooshing like an airplane, it comes. 
Soon the men are fleeing.


A shadow's cast across the sky, 
Half the clearing it covers. 
I stop and twist around, looking up. 
My giant, faithful owl hovers. 

My owl has flown a great distance, 
Just to find and help me. 
But still it saved me from the men, 
From a future I can't see. 
I jump on to his feathered back. 
I settle down in his fluff. 
As we fly off, away from the men, 
I sense times will be rough.

© 2012 Charley

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Added on April 27, 2011
Last Updated on February 9, 2012



Lafayette, CO

I love writing stories. I often have ideas, but they don't all get onto paper. Most of my stories remain unfinished, but I'm hoping to change that. *update* November 2015 I wrote a whole novel.. more..

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