The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life

A Poem by Charley

Just a poem about life.

The Cycle of Life

First day of school
The hesitant eagerness,
The worried excitement.
Parents checking supplies,
Telling you you’re growing up.
Siblings warn you and give
Encouraging smiles.
Hugs and kisses and
You’re out the door,
Ready for anything.

You go to school,
Nothing changes.
Your eagerness levels drop.
You finish the year,
Enjoying summer until,
Once again, it’s August

Eventually you know you’re in a rut.
For a few years, you accept it.

Then you get to high school, the
World goes crazy, and
Before you know it,
You’re a senior, on the top.

In a few months you’ll
Be out in the world.
You’ve learned how to
Drive, but the thought of
Going out on your own
Seems like your first road trip
All over again.

There’s college, interviews,
Getting an apartment,
Settling down, and a job.

Blink and you’re halfway
Through college
And you’ve moved
In with your boyfriend.

Reunions take place. You
Tell your parents they haven't
Aged a bit and comment
On how much your niece
And nephews have grown.

A few years later,
You have a family of your own.
You have a degree,
You’re married, and
You finally paid off the house.

And now when there are
Family reunions,
You are the one
Being told your
Kids have grown.

As you get
Older, you begin to
Realize that your
Kids are going through
The same thing.

Time goes on and
Your children grow and then
They’re the ones telling you
You haven't aged a bit.

© 2011 Charley

Author's Note

It's still being worked on, so I welcome suggestions

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Added on July 18, 2011
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