A Story by Mandi

Written on 7-21-2013


I close my eyes and let go of my senses. I lay my head back and surrender my mind to You Jesus. I take a breath as we begin our journey. Bliss. I reach out and take Your hand. You fold me in Your arms as we face the ocean. You rest Your cheek on my head. I turn and look into Your fiery eyes. They pour into my spirit joy and excitement. "You ready, Mandi?" You say. My heart swells and I kiss Your cheek, the touch of Your soft bronze skin lingers on my lips. I close my eyes, enclosed in Your arms, and enjoy the moment. Then you scoop me up when I say I'm ready and You carry me, wading into the water. I look forward at the waves as you put me down to stand in the water beside You, hand in hand. I gaze into Your eyes once again, "Jesus" I whisper into the breeze. As a wave comes towards us, we step on to it together and walk on water. The water feels cool and glassy beneath my bare feet. As we walk across the Oceans, I am caught up in the trust I have in You, Jesus. Sweet Jesus. Laughter, why can't we stop laughing now? I just love to laugh with You. Your laugh fills my ears and causes my spirit to overflow. Joy. Love. Power. Jesus, Your face I will bask in forever. I love You.

© 2013 Mandi

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This is lovely! The imagery you used was splendid, and I was able to see the entire scene in my mind's eye. You write very well.

Posted 5 Years Ago

this is a very special write peaceful my spiritual writes is more of a struggle
ive got about 35 or40 and most people wont comment on spiritual poetry
thank you for your comment and yes I write as simple as possible no abbevery thing is written
for any one to understand

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

You're right most people don't. I just like to post mine because it keeps it all in the same place. .. read more

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