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A Poem by THE [ME]GEAN

A sataric poem about myspace.


 Generic myspace chick with a kick of 20s jazz flare,

The headline says “enter if you dare”

And the tag leaves all open for discussion-

The “I hate criticisms” copy pasted on her forehead couldn’t be more wrong,

But it’s not like it matters- It’s the world of creation,

Where everyone is God and we’re all on vacation,

You ready for the ride?


Every band on her A-Z is someone from another country or planet

And they all leave something wanting- bottle and can it,

Like Mars- she needed that extra 30 seconds of pain,

And in the mystery of the 50 cent game she lost a buck,

Ain’t that just the luck of a Southern Belle-?

When every boy fell out and she couldn’t click five to save time.

Save time for yourself.


Maybe one day all that scene kid glamour will be gone-

Once the wrinkles set in and the fat drags on,

But “that can be photoshopped out”

It’s not known as the best “fantasy” since 1920s radio and 1950s cash

Cause everyone wants the role play to last.


© 2008 THE [ME]GEAN

Author's Note

Its not the best but it just came out.

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Your style is interesting and i can imagine that in person it has a melody and a rythm that is hard to capture on paper. You have many messages in your work and this one makes me smile, because it reminds me of some people I have met on line who were truly living the role on line. Excellent~

Posted 14 Years Ago

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"It's not known as the best "fantasy" since 1920s radio and 1950s cash
Cause everyone wants the role play to last."

I love it so much, and it's so damn true. Funny how the role-play shows pieces of who we really are though. Pieces we're too scared to call ourselves. Yay for anonimity.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 28, 2008



Fairview, OR

Hello, I�m Megean McBride. I�m a neo eccentric non-conformed semi-religious flapper with a slash of funkified backstage Betty punk who refuses to be labeled, set in stone, or.. more..