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About Me


Hello, I�m Megean McBride. I�m a neo eccentric non-conformed semi-religious flapper with a slash of funkified backstage Betty punk who refuses to be labeled, set in stone, or confined to any or one person. Oh, and add in the hypocrisy and a touch of lemon.

I�m still beginning to like who I am. Autism, dyslexia, attention deficit, OCD, and all. And I�m beginning to be okay when people point all this out.

I is what I is.

And i'm keeping the spelling errors for a purpose.

I want to become an angel so that I can eat Philladelphia Cream Cheese without worry about it going to my hips.

I want to be like ShakeSpear and write a comedy so well that for years later on people see it and discuss it as a
timeless american tragedy, rather than just what it really was, a comedic teenangst soap opera.

I want to be more controversial than Jeffree Star and Marylin Manson on their good days.

I want to be nicer and more peaceful than Chuck Norris and the Dahli Lamma, when you really meet them.

I think i'd like to be like Bill Gates and completely undermine and steal a collegues work and get rich off of it. And not be put in jail.

I might like to be Adolf Hitlers Phsychologist for a day. That might be interesting. "Really, I think the holocaust could've been prevented if they just sent the poor emo kid to art school!

I want to be like Madonna and Weird Al. Fully capable to make up an incredible career with no talent what so ever other than the business factor. Everyone goes for a good gag and some sex appeal.

I wish I was more influential than an emo that can glorify something as horrible and sad as cutting and make it look cool so it induces a whole moderns arms race of teenagers that commit suicide.
But not really.

So Mickey's a mouse, Pluto's a dog, and Donald is a duck. But what's Goofy?


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Posted 16 Years Ago

thanks for the add ^_^

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Posted 16 Years Ago

Thanks for the review. I don't like to make everything available at first glance, instead I'd rather my readers dig; unfortunately a sad byproduct is that I'm not sure just how many people actually understand the messages in what I write.

So it's always really great to hear when someone does.