Agoraphobic without a window of hope.

Agoraphobic without a window of hope.

A Poem by Mercelus

People just wait wait for their turn to talk anymore, Everyone is concerned with what they want, and never take the time to think about other people. It is a selfish world we live in.

I'm one to forive
I try not to forget
Though in absense 
It will come in haste
It's all a matter of perception
projecting myself out in the open
Amourless, vulnerable
I'll listen contently
Wait for my turn
Study the expressions
Knowing the difference 
from the indifferent 
and the nurturing
Set the world ablaze
just to watch it burn
I doubt a single soul
would flinch
After all hasn't it always been as such.
Numbed nerves
with no sense of self-control.
All we do it take
and take, and take.
Never taking notice to the harm inflicted
Burn victims in a chard world.
camoflagued in confidence.
cloaking the shame and self-conflict.
avoiding mirrors 
in fear of what we have become.
Undeserving of these eyes,
everything we see has a bias.
Set the world ablaze
just to watch it burn
to watch myself burn
scream in agony
after all isn't this what we deserve.
Agoraphobics locking in rooms
with no windows
No sense of wonder
Nothing to reassure 
our long lost hopes.
Voice raw,
from screaming under this skin.
body weak from fighting
the ghosts of the past.
Trapped by everything gone ary
we have forgotten 
forgotten to appreciate everything 
we once cherished.
There is not absolute ending
so ill leave with one final heart-felt apology 
and a reluctant goodbye.
The storm was never ment to destroy
all that we held close,
walk away cigarette in hand,
and head down.

© 2012 Mercelus

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the last stanza was awesome ...i think ....good job

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

you think? lol. but thank you very much!

11 Years Ago


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Added on July 28, 2012
Last Updated on July 28, 2012
Tags: Forgive, forget, agoraphobic, hope, ghosts, self-control, harm, burn, victims, ablaze




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