Hands Held High (High School Version) Part 1

Hands Held High (High School Version) Part 1

A Poem by Undying Glory

My high school edition of Linkin Park's epic song Hands Held High, about everyone who's bullied in high school. Some of the lines stay the same because they're also applicable here...


Hands Held High (High School Version)


Turn my mike up louder, I gotta say something,

All the big guys stepping aside when we burst in

Feel it in your chest, the syllables get pumping,

People bullied for so long get up and start clapping,

Words on ther walls, all completely coming,

I jump on my mind, I summon the rhyme I'm dumping

Before I was lost, but now I let the sun in

Sick of what they do, we all march to the drumming.

Jump when they tell us they want to see jumping.

**** that, I wanna see some fist-pumping

Listen up, take back what's yours

Now we all know why we're fighting back for

'Cos I'm sick of being treated like I had before

So I'm gonna stand for what I'm standing for

Like when you push them around 'cos they don't fit in

How you hit them and beat them with a big wide grin

As if they understand you, them jocks and punks

When they shove you in the toilet for yet another dunk

Laughing their way home after another good day

And say, "Hey, don't get angry, it's all just for play!"

For the people like me you think we're all fools?

How you mumble and stutter in front of the teachers in school

And the rest of us watching at the end of the day

And we're all really angry, "What the hell did he say?!?"






© 2009 Undying Glory

Author's Note

Undying Glory
It occured to me how much, even without editing, "Hands Held High" was applicable to the high school...

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Posted 13 Years Ago

For some reason..I feel this energy just thrashing around when I read this.
Its chaotic and Frantic, but somehow controlled. I love the angst in it as
well. Stories of Redemption always suck me in. Great job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This was good and i suspect a little bit of pay back to the bad guys who make others a misery with their petty little games of supremacy and dog eat dog trying to score points over each other.
I like the energy you have put in to this poem and i look forward to read more of your accomplished writing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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i like this very nice.. poewrful love to see how it continues

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on December 24, 2009
Last Updated on December 24, 2009
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Undying Glory

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