Symphony of Destruction

Symphony of Destruction

A Poem by Undying Glory

My first fantasy-type poem. Hope you like this one!

Symphony of Destruction

The dark rises over the world. 

Over dark, distant valleys and the mountains high
Stained deep crimson in the slowly fading twilight, 
The stark, bloody reminder to all who pass
Of the forgotten, slain and lost, 
Tarnishing the glory of our world, 
Under blackened sky and shattered earth
Through rains of fire and cries of hateful mirth. 

And over the plains far and wide
Upon the bitter snow and bloodied ice
Before you the fallen lay sprawled
Frozen forever in their final death throes,
As the warriors stand upon the peaks. 
The bitter cry of vengeance and hate
Peals out across the farthest corners of the world
The cry of pain and anguish
For a land wronged once ago, 
Now the seeds of war, we have just sown. 

Who shall speak for the victims of your own hatred?
Torn asunder by the cruel, cold steel of thine blades
Discriminating not between guilt and innocence
As one by one, or in their own massive groups
They fall under your scythe, 
Know this, your crimes will follow you past the end of your life. 

As metal monstrosities ravage the earth and skies
And the warriors press on under broken lives and honor tarnished
The cries of the oppressed still go unnoticed by all
As they pray in their silent sobs
Upon innocent comrades slaughtered, 
Upon families ripped to shreds, 
Upon sovereignty shattered beyond recognition
Until finally, they cry no more
As sorrow morphs into vengeance, and vengeance to gore. 

The earth weeps, can you not hear?

And in the distant darkness
The sound of their sadistic laughter echoes round, 
So amused by those in pain and suffering,
Not a single shred of empathy in their hearts,
As they watch entire nations being torn apart. 

Shall we ever see the dawn again?

© 2011 Undying Glory

Author's Note

Undying Glory
This is my first attempt at writing a fantasy poem. This poem is supposed to be a fantasy caricature of brutal wars today. In case anyone's wondering, I was really intrigued by the anime series "Melody of Oblivion", so I decided to title this one in similar fashion. I don't really follow the anime though...

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DUDE!! Is this published anywhere? have you sent to an orchestra? This is beyond description! Beyond words! Beyond imagination! This is soooooo brilliant, it's.....yeah, I can't put it into words! I must say, however "ago" cannot stand alone (despite how good it may sound alone in that line) need to put "long" or "not long" before it in order to make sense. Also, "thine" only works before a word beginning with a vowel. "Blades" begins with a consonant, therefore it must be "thy blades". Now, Stanza 4, especially the first few lines are incredible. Love them! This is poetry in motion, completely! Well freaking done! I would advise you compile all the four movements into one "book" document on Writer's Café....makes it easier to read all of them without having to scroll through your writing pages to find them. Just a thought. Again, well done! Bravo! STANDING OVATION! And what an ending to the movement! Killer line!

Posted 6 Years Ago

great use of imagery in this brilliantly constructed poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

So, here comes me reading it again! After reading this, I love the two poems which is conected even more! Its so amazing! A Great fantasy poem, nice job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Very nice work. I love your word choice, it all flowed beautifully.

"The earth weeps, can you not hear?"

I loved that line. Wonderful work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

An outstanding fantasy poem. I love it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Symphony of Destruction -- By: Undying Glory,

Nice words, the flow is kind of slow. It reads like a C. S. Lewis novel, (i.e. The Screwtape Letters,)

~S. D. Blankenship

Posted 13 Years Ago

This was nicely done. You really got the feel of the high fantasy with the great images and flow about it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well UG, Great job. I can feel a period warfare, a monstrous killing and as always the constant harping of the thought of how every F***** war is bloody futile and pointless. Great language here as you describe the gore, the darkness, the utter loss of hope. Comes up as a great read to me...Enjoyed it a lot.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I don't know. Almost a true story. With war and sickness all around this world. A lot of darkness is upon us. I like how you started the story. Great description and story so far. I look forward to see where you will take this story. A outstanding beginning.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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very nice!! quite environmentalist at parts I must say haha - the earth weeps - indeed she does as we butcher her. Great poem - strong dark themes rippling throughout, you describe the marching bellicose warriors very well with a sinister view of them! I also like the sporadic beat, a great poem here!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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