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The largest tower in Castle Horsted was on fire. Lord Stoutens men were at the gates and had spent the night slinging pitch and tar. Scores of fire arrows would fall and light the pitch followed by silent arrows catching those putting the fires out unawares. “Frog” as the other boys called him was not so stupid to go out into the streets. The name frog was given to him by one of the other boys after he was found buried in the mud with just enough space for air; Just like the tallow frogs that would come out of the ground during heavy rains; Seemingly showing up out of thin air.

    If Frog had any hope of surviving the siege it was to discreetly find his way out of the castle and avoid the sight of both Lord Stoutens men as well as Lord Brisens. It was sad really the New Lord Brisen had just taken his place as head of the house. This being perhaps his last day as the New lord Brisen he would soon be known to all as the late Lord Brisen. In Frogs mind however it didn’t matter who controlled castle Horsted. The only thing he cared for was his life. Luckily Frog had spent most of his life in Horsted and knew its ins and outs. He also had the unique skill of hiding himself in obscure places.

Frog had initially thought to climb terraces and make his way up the walls of Horsted Castle. However, the near constant barrage of arrows was likely to get him killed. He then thought that if going up was not an option that maybe going down would be a good alternative. However; he could not think of a quick way for him to dig his way out of the castle. He soon realized that his only real alternative was to hide himself just long enough to find a good opportunity for escape. It seemed to Frog that the safest place in the castle would also be a place that no one would expect to find him.

The Northern most tower of castle Horsted was home to the new Lord Brisen. It was there Frog thought that Lord Stoutens men would not expect to find a frog like himself hanging around. After all he was no Lord and once lord stouten had captured lord brisen their would be no need to check the tower.

He avoided open spaces running past guards and other men. He soon found himself at the carapace of the northern tower and hopped his way up to the nearest window. Once inside frog made his way up the long tower staircase doubling back and hiding behind crates to avoid detection. He soon found himself in front of Lord Brisens golden chamber doors; their trim decorated in lavish swirls and florets with one huge Harp the sigil of house Brisen carved into the door. The door was open slightly and when he peaked his head in it was empty.

Frog could see in the corner of the room a large wardrobe with two wooden doors each shaped like identical golden harps; it was the perfect place for frog to hide. Which was a good; because as Frog made his way into the room he could hear the sound of footsteps behind him. Running into the room he climbed into the wardrobe crouching inside. It was a tight fit even for a small frog like him.

“I mustn't move.” He thought. It seemed to him that even the smallest movement would cause the board beneath him to trumpet his presence with a loud “Creeeeeek”. Frog held his breath as voices appeared in the room.

“Ma Lord you are but 15 yrs of age. If Stouten captures you he would like as much take you Hostage. Do not abandon your life by trying to escape.” a deep voice said.

“House Brisen has stood for the last 500 yrs. I will not be its end. If I can make it to Lord Wainwright then we can take back the castle. Besides none of his men know my face I can escape and no-one would be the wiser.” came the response.

“Ma Lord it's because no one knows your face that I fear for you. You are like to be killed on the road by bandits or soldiers. Yer mother and sisters are with that cheesemonger Jossen Fyshe. If that cheesey b*****d has any sense then they will already be on their way to the Wainwrights.”

“I’m Sorry Grover, I intend to leave this castle behind. Do not inform the men of my plans. I will make my way too…” Lord Brisens voice trailed off as he heard a large thump from his wardrobe.

Making eyes at Grover both men quickly moved to the wardrobe swords drawn and opened it to find Frogs contortioned body inside.

“Who are you?” said the deep voiced Grover.

“ffff...fro...frog Sir” Said Frog. His body still folded to fit himself in what was now a wooden cage.

“What kind of name is that?” Said Lord Brisen.

“Mine sir…” Frog replied. Both men looked at him confused. They sheathed their swords and pulled frog from the wardrobe.

“What were you doing in my wardrobe frog?” Lord brisen asked. Indignation in his voice.

“Hidin ma lord… there is a war goin on outside.” replied frog. His voice was a little dry; however his palms were sweating profusely. He was not in a good situation.

“I see” said lord Brisen. A thought coming into his mind… This frog could actually come in handy.

“What do you think Grover? This boy looks a bit like me wouldn't you say?”

“Yes ma Lord… I would have to say that he does.” Said Grover. Realization plastering his face.

“Grover I want you to dress this “frog” in some of my clothing. Clean him up and provide him with food and water. Frog today is your lucky day… Today you become a Lord.”

© 2017 miahstr

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