Love is dead

Love is dead

A Poem by babyblue


Love is Dead

By Ivonne L.



Love is gone. There’s just no use in falling in love in this messed up decade. This is the generation of confusion, and sorrow. Love is used as just a game of lust.


Sadly love is dead. It seems like hell is rising up slowly. As love decays in this earth. Slowly earth is becoming more like hell. Demons and heartless heartbreaker are out on the loose.


People get colder everyday and our just blinded by money. True love is dead. There’s just love for materials, and technology. Unfortunately lust is just way out of line. Love is dying decade by decade, as true humanity dies with it

© 2010 babyblue

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As people get colder everyday,and our just blinded by money. True love is dead .There's ---space after the comma and the word and.

Unfortanely lust is just way out of line. As love is dying decade by decade. As true ----Unfortunately

Posted 14 Years Ago

I dont believe what your saying in this poem. I think Love is still alive in all of us, just most of the people choice to ignore it or use it for evil. lol even though i didnt agree Im going to say it was a good poem for what you were writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

"As people get colder everyday,and our just blinded by money"

Yes and it reminds me of the old saying "Money is the root of all evil"
Isn't that the truth?!!

Well said Ivonne! ~ Helena

Posted 15 Years Ago

Unfortunately, you speak the truth. You gasp the essence of things very well. Like the tone, the piece is sour and forespoken.

As far as love, not all is lost, there are exceptions to every rule.


Posted 15 Years Ago

You have made an excellent view of life as we see, and know it today, in all its raw form!
How sad that the sweetness, and gentleness of love is not more enjoyed! Lust prevails, and breaks so many hearts!!
Your write is "right-on"!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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