Mia's Life

Mia's Life

A Chapter by Kaira_Writer

Talking about Mia's life.

  For years Mia was enjoying her life without her crazy father Gregg Jackson. Mia has forgotten all about her old family and only thinks she is Mia Nadia Jones. Mia had just celebrated her 5th birthday. The Jones have 1 daughter named Jenna Jones,that's THEIR child and they adopted Mia Nadia Jackson but they changed her last name to Jones.
At the Jones house
  Mia was getting ready to go to the park for her birthday. Mia always goes to the park. Whenever Mia was boarded she'd go to the park with her foster sister Jenna.
'Mia are you ready?' Jenna yelled.
Mia was getting her left shoe on when she heard a voice from outside.
'MIA.' A voice called from outside her window.
'Kill for daddy.'
'Who are you?'
No answer.
'Answer me.'
Jenna walks in.
'Mia who are you talking to?' Jenna asked.
'Someone was talking to me. Its was a strange male voice.'
'Mia are you hearing voices again?'
Mia laughed.
'Can we just go to the park?'
'Sure. Come on.'

Mia runs out of her room while right behind her Jenna closed the door saying 'He's back.'
Jenna walks in her parents room.
'Jenna,what is it honey?' Her mom Victoria asked.
'It's him.'
'Mia,she's been hearing the voices again.'
'Did she see him?'
'I don't think so.'
'All that matters is that he's hasn't gotten to Mia yet.

Jenna left.
'Jenna are YOU ready?' Mia asked from downstairs.
'I'm coming.'
Jenna ran downstairs and ran to Mia.
'You know I love right?'
'Of course. Why?'
'I don't think we should go today.'
'Why not?'
'Because the weather today says its gonna rain.'
'Are you okay?'
Jenna kissed Mia on her forehead and Mia walked up the stairs to her room.
Mia walked in her room and fell asleep.
  In Mia's dream she dreamt about her kill her mother. Mia was very confused about this dream. Normally she had dreams about princesses and ponies but this is not a dream a 5 year old would dream about. In Mia's dream she dreamt that she stabbed her foster on the right side of her shoulder. Mia picks up a pair of scissors and walked all the way to her foster parents room. Rachel happened to be brushing her hair. Then Mia came out of nowhere and stabbed Rachel on her right shoulder.
Mia wakes up and starts screaming.
'MIA!' Jenna yelled.
'MAMA NO!' Mia yelled.
'Mia open the door!' Jenna yelled while banging on Mia's bedroom door.
It opened.
Jenna ran over to a screaming Mia.
'Mia calm down!'
Mia calmed down and stopped screaming.
Jenna held Mia.
'It's okay. Your safe now. No ones gonna get you.'
Mia hugged Jenna and never let her go.
'Oh Mia.'
Mia crys.
'It was terrible Jenna.'

'My dream.'

'What happened?'

'I killed mommy.'

Jenna's jaw dropped.

'Why did you do that?'

'I don't know.'

'Everythings gonna be okay.'

 And that's Mia's story of how she started hearing voices and her life story.

© 2014 Kaira_Writer

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Added on February 8, 2014
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I am fourteen.I really like writing horror books.Writing help's me become even more creative. The reason why there are writers in the world because we want people to read are great stories. It makes m.. more..

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A Chapter by Kaira_Writer