The Way of a Bullet

The Way of a Bullet

A Poem by JustJordan. x3

the sensation...., the anticipation
warm to the touch
left over from the shot before.
The stench of the left over gun powder
burying itself into my nose,
the tingly feeling creeping in on me.
Making my thoughts wonder
"Who will feel my rather?".
I see the light.
The fearless, unstoppable trail I'm about to take.
The target is set
and POW, BANG!
The trigger is pulled
A flash the second after.
I feel the cool crisp air pass me by.
Straight towards that warm blooded flesh.
But it never comes,
it never hits.
a sudden miss, hitting the ground.
Thousands of feet from afar.
Never to be seen, or worried about again.
no more rough tough hands,
handling me like I'm nothing.
Nothing but a killing machine.
From the journey that started to soon,
and failed so quickly.

© 2011 JustJordan. x3

Author's Note

JustJordan. x3
I wrote this for a poetry class I'm in inside of school. The teacher gave us a prompt and told us to be creative. This is what i came up with.

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Added on February 11, 2011
Last Updated on March 28, 2011


JustJordan. x3
JustJordan. x3


I'm your everyday, 17 year old teenage girl. My names Jordan. I'm completely in love. more..