A Story by Jennifer

We were banished.


     People have always been curious about space and the possiblity that life "out there" exists. Most people feel alien and look up at the sky to locate their home. Were the questions going to be answered when Curiosity landed on Mars? The people of Earth were destined to discover the existence of alien life form.

     As the craft was landing on Mars, I wondered if Curiosity would crash and burn. It landed safely and was communicating. As I watch the pictures load onto the screen, I ponder if a Martian would be peering into the lens with a weapon in hand. When the picture finally loaded, we could see a desert.

     As Curiosity explores the unknown land, I anticipate a Martian to steal it and go for a joy ride. Still nothing from Curiosity. No signs of life. No flora and no fauna. No water to support any life. What was our purpose of exploring Mars? People already know much of the information that is presented.

     Curiosity continues to explore and makes a shocking discovery. Under the sand was literature. The writing appeared to be strange to NASA. They handed it over to researchers who specialise in language.

     The specialists found that the writing was ancient. The ancient language was spoken on Earth many, many years ago. They handed the document over to another person who specialised in the ancient language.

     The shocking discovery is that beings were banished from Mars. As they continued to read, Mars was a land luxurious with life. The beings destroyed the plant life and animal life for their benefit. The resources that were destroyed were needed for all life forms to survive.

     When the animals and plants were detroyed, the water evaporated. When the water evaporated, more plants and animals died. The beings did not have anything to eat. While the life forms were fading away, another being banished the ones responsible for this disaster.

     The documentation created more curiosity for scientists. They read on and found that the beings built crafts to leave the planet. A drawing of earth was on one of the pages. The destination of the beings on Mars was planet earth!

     The beings who were banished built their crafts and left Mars. They left behind the people who banished them. The beings were left behind to live off of what was left over. Did they love Mars too much to leave their home? Why didn't they leave the culprits of this destruction?

     Curiosity explored the land of Mars and discovered a door in the ground. Behind the door seemed to be a shelter. No life resided in the shelter. The only items that remained were empty containers and more forms of literature. Much more was to be explored and researched on this unknown land of Mars.

© 2012 Jennifer

Author's Note

A new turn for my story.

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Added on August 12, 2012
Last Updated on August 16, 2012
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I discovered writing with a pencil at a young age when I didn't know how to even spell. I was taught to tell a story when I was in high school and even then I was writing intense stories. I love the s.. more..

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