TWOBH CH2: Eyes Wide Open

TWOBH CH2: Eyes Wide Open

A Chapter by Tamara Moon

The pups have opened their eyes and now see the world. But Hawthorn's secret is in danger when he can't resist talking about his life to his younger sister Eagle.

Ten days after the pups were born their eyes were open. Hawthorn was visiting them, and seemed to be taking a liking to Eagle. "Hawthorn! Play!" Eagle screamed. Hawthorn plopped down with a nod from Smoke. Eagle crawled all over him. Following were Basil and Dragonfly. Rosemary and Pansy sat and watched. "Why they do that? It silly!" The pups' vocabularies were small and limited, but that would change as they grew.
When Eagle was done playing, she wanted to go outside with Hawthorn. He looked at Smoke, who nodded. "Just be careful." Hawthorn helped nudge Eagle out of the den. Eagle sat down, amazed. The fresh air, the trees, all the strange wolves. Hawthorn smiled as he remembered his first day out. It had been the very same.
"Hey, Hawthorn! Is that your new sister?" It was Thunder. Hawthorn's back leg twitched. He didn't want Falcon suddenly returning from patrol and asking what Thunder was doing here. "Uh, yes. Her name's Eagle. She's my fathers favorite." Thunder was entranced by Eagle's cuteness. "She's adorable!" she said, sticking her muzzle in Eagle's face. Eagle gave Thunder's nose a friendly nip. Thunder retracted and started laughing. "So this litter was early?" Thunder had realized that Hawthorn was only nine months, and there should be a year between litters. "Yeah," Hawthorn said, realizing it too. "Three months early! Wow, I never knew that." Thunder nodded. "Well, the kill pile's low. I'm going out hunting," she said. "See you!" Hawthorn watched as she trotted away. "Who that?" Eagle asked, obviously very curious. She looked so adorable sitting there, gazing up at him with her big eyes, Hawthorn couldn't resist. "This is a secret," he whispered, so only she could hear. "Thunder and I are mates." Eagle cocked her head. "Mates are two wolves who love each other and eventually have pups. So can you keep this all a secret?" Eagle jumped up. "Yes!"
When Falcon got back everyone was inside. "Did you go through all this trouble with the litter I was in?" Smoke was talking to Carnation. Carnation laughed. "Of course! You asked the same thing for Hawthorn's litter," she replied, pointing her nose at her grandson. Hawthorn smiled with the attention. Falcon walked in. "Okay, Hawthorn. You can leave now." Hawthorn was cross, but obeyed his father's orders. He should obey a few, if not all. It was too late to obey them all. He padded out slowly. "So how are my itsy bitsy little pups?" Falcon greeted his children. Eagle ran up to him. "Dada! Brother telled me!" Falcon cocked his head. "Told you what?" Eagle ran in circles. "That he and Thunder mates!" This enraged Falcon. He had told Hawthorn not to mate until he was a year old. "Excuse me. I have to go talk to Hawthorn."
Falcon stormed out of the den and over to Hawthorn and Thunder's. When he walked in Hawthorn didn't even have time to say "Oh, hello, Father. Why are you here?" Falcon marched up and bit him. "Ow!" Hawthorn screamed. "What was that for!?!" He was terrified. "You disobeyed me," Falcon snarled. "You aren't supposed to mate for another three months!" He lunged for another bite but Hawthorn dodged. "H-how do you know?" There was no way Falcon could have found out. Unless someone told him. There could be only one wolf- "Eagle." Falcon nodded. I swear revenge on that pup... Someday, I will get my revenge, Hawthorn decided. "Have you learned your lesson?" Falcon wanted to make sure Hawthorn got the message. "Yes, father," Hawthorn grumbled. Falcon nodded and walked out.

© 2010 Tamara Moon

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Wait for chapter 3, Snow. IT WILL CHANGE YOUUU

Posted 13 Years Ago

Bad Eagle!Great Chapter!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Tamara Moon

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