TWOBH CH3: Snowy Evil

TWOBH CH3: Snowy Evil

A Chapter by Tamara Moon

Snowcap is definitely up to no good, and the pups are finally weaned. When Basil catches word of Snowcap's plan and decides to join him, can the other pups stop him?


Snowcap walked by the beta's den. He was talking to himself about a plan. But he chose the wrong thing to say at the wrong moment. "get power over pack..." 

Basil was sitting by the den entrance giving himself a tongue bath when he heard those words. He dashed outside. Those words sound good, he said, his vocabulary improved now that he was five months old. He tracked down Snowcap. "Oh! Oh! I know who you are!" he said, as he saw who had said those enticing words. "You're Snowcap! I think I heard you say something about getting power over the pack. Did you?" Snowcap wondered if he should tell this pup. He might be able to use the pup, it looked like he wanted to help. "Yes, I did. Why? Would you like to help?" He was smirking. Basil hopped up and down. "Oh yes! I would L-O-V-E to!" Score one point for Snowcap. "Well, you can. Come on, we need to go somewhere private."
Snowcap led Basil to an abandoned cave by the river. Well, not so much abandoned. It had moss, grass, and best of all meat. "What's all this for, Snowcap?" Basil had already settled down on some bedding. Snowcap picked up a small mouse and dropped it in front of Basil. "I'm preparing this to camp out in when I- I mean, we- put my- I mean, our- plan in action. We need to be away from camp when we do it. Let me tell you what the plan is."

Ginger decided, after five months of thinking, that she should tell Robin of her suspicions about Snowcap. She saw Eagle sniffing the ground. "What are you looking for, Eagle?" she asked, wondering what on earth a five-month-old pup would need. "Basil," Eagle huffed. "I smell Snowcap, too." This intrigued Ginger. "Can I come with you?" Eagle nodded.
They found the cave by the river and listened close. Ginger caught the words "challenge alpha", and Eagle heard "kill Robin". They stared at each other. Then they heard Basil's voice. "So we challenge and kill the alpha, and then we have power?" Their eyes widened and they dashed off to tell Robin, Ginger leading.

"Do you smell Eagle?" Basil got a whiff of his sister. Snowcap nodded. "Let's follow the trail. They may have heard us." They snuck out of the cave and followed the scent of the females. When they got to the end of the trail they were at the alpha den. "They must be ratting us out! I bet it was Eagle," Basil decided. Robin walked out of the den and Snowcap hid. It was all part of his plan to use that worm Basil. Robin glared at Basil. "You wanted to challenge and kill me?" she snarled. Basil gave her puppy eyes and explained. "It was S-snowcap's idea," he stuttered. "He's h-hiding over there." Robin stormed over to Snowcap. "You dare defy me?" She was screaming. Snowcap wasn't afraid. He was mad. "Yes," he growled. "I do." Robin snickered. "See how much you defy me when I EXILE YOU FROM THE PACK!" Hearing the screaming, Falcon and the other adults dashed out into the center of camp. Snowcap ran out of camp, out of the territory. "Falcon," Robin congratulated. "Your daughter Eagle decided to follow her brother and was able to find out what Snowcap was up to." Falcon almost cried. "I always knew she was special!"

On the outskirts of the territory, Snowcap made a vow- to kill Eagle.

© 2010 Tamara Moon

Author's Note

Tamara Moon
idk, what do you think?

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Wow.Thats already two wolves who wanna kill Eagle!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Tamara Moon
Tamara Moon

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