"Freak Accident"

"Freak Accident"

A Story by Mason Watts

Just a murder I wrote. Might be part of something someday.


A flash of light brightened the sky and thunder rolled. As if in response the thunder, rain begin to patter against the ground. Wind blew fierce, blowing the rain in all directions making the already fierce storm seem as if the world was coming to an end.


Maggie Valender peered through the car window trying to get a glimpse at the road, trying to see the yellow lines. She couldn’t tell if she was in the middle of the road or even if she was on the wrong side. The wind mixing with the rain made it impossible to see any of the road. Not even the reflectors were visible. Maggie hated this kind of weather, and she hated driving through it.


She needed to get off the road, but she hadn’t seen a road sign in over two miles and it seemed like there would never be a place to get off. All of these things the weather, the interstate, and even the way the car was acting angered her. She always got mad at the little things. She couldn’t fix that. She was born that way.


Then Maggie saw a green sign glowing in the light of her headlights. She slowed down and peered through the windshield to read the sign. The letters on the sign were unreadable. They were covered up by black spray-paint. It looked like the pain spelled something but Maggie couldn’t read it. She sped the car up and continued down the highway.



Carroll splashed from the cover of the rest stop to the car where her boyfriend, Henry, was waiting. The rain was coming down heavier now than before. Carroll was soaked from just the short distance it was from the door of the rest stop and the car.


“Whew!” she said when she jumped in the car.


“Raining a little huh?” Henry asked jokingly. Carroll twisted her hair letting all the water out in response. Henry started the car



Thunder flashed lighting up the sky for a quick moment. Everything was as bright as if it was day but then plunged back into darkness. Rain made little rivers on the ground that continued to grow and grow. The rivers were not only running with water but with crimson blood. Fresh blood.

“Help!” The cry was barely audible over the pounding of the rain and thunder. Andy knew there wasn’t any ears for the cry to fall on anyways.



“Yes!” Maggie yelled in victory. She had finally found an exit sign that she could read. Exit 79. It was a rest stop where she could wait out the storm. She didn’t like the thought of sleeping in her car but it was the best she could do. So she pulled into the exit.



In the distance Andy saw headlights. His heart filled with hope. In desperation he crawled on his stomach towards the road hopefully whoever was in the car would see him before they ran him over. With headlights these days he should be visible from a long distance. He was saved.



Maggie drove quickly, trying to get out of she storm as fast as she could. The exit was full of winding paths but she saw the lights of the rest stop not far. She sped up.

She turned around another curve when she hit something big in the road. The right side of her car went in the air. In a split second the car was completely in the air and upside-down. It hit the ground with a loud crash and all the windows smashed in. The car rolled over and over. Then in a split second she stopped as she hit another car sending her into the air and then back down on the car. When the car landed Maggie’s neck snapped. She was dead.



“ ‘Four found dead on exit 79. One practically decapitated, another with a broken neck, and two others crushed beyond recognition,’ ” Bill said reading the newspaper aloud. “ ‘A freak accident.’”

© 2010 Mason Watts

Author's Note

Mason Watts
The smaller spaces represent seperation of paragraphs and the bigger spaces (where I hit enter thrice) is seperation of part like new people and what not.

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Added on June 1, 2010
Last Updated on June 1, 2010
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Mason Watts
Mason Watts

Rock Hill, SC

I'm a thirteen year old writer, hoping that someday that he will become a young accomplished writer with a lot of novel published and even more un-published. I have friends but none have a great (or g.. more..

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