A Story by Mason Watts

this is supposed to be a comical thing. and yes it is a real experience with a little bit of exageration.


WAR! It is official. They attempted to attack this morning with full fledged force. Driving them off was not the easiest of tasks but I did it! They went back to where they came from with fear shivering through their bones! Normally their attacks are only five strong but today I dare say there were at least twenty four! They think they can conquer me with mere numbers? For years my family has guarded the fortress we call home. Do you think I would let them conquer me now while my predecessors did not? I think not! I will never let them take over!


It did not take long to drive them off but I believe that they will soon converge for another attack. They fell back to regroup and come again. I think during the morning they will come and I will be ready! I shall never let those beasts in! They have trespassed for the last time! I dare say that during my life time I will see the time where they will not come on my shore! The geese that have come at my family for years will finally fall!

I will let you know the outcome of the pending attack.



Mason Watts, acting defender of Watts castle

© 2010 Mason Watts

Author's Note

Mason Watts
this is to be a comical thing. It was something that happened to me today... haha

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Added on June 5, 2010
Last Updated on June 5, 2010


Mason Watts
Mason Watts

Rock Hill, SC

I'm a thirteen year old writer, hoping that someday that he will become a young accomplished writer with a lot of novel published and even more un-published. I have friends but none have a great (or g.. more..

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A Story by Mason Watts

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