The keeper's heart revised

The keeper's heart revised

A Poem by Stephen

Love does not always end with happy endings

I enter in the doors, of 
the library of my past
taking in the view, of 
the records amassed

Archived in the books, are
thoughts and actions
that tell of me, and
all my interactions

Browsing the shelves, I
scan the labels
eyes resting on one, I
wish were among fables 

The binding is new, for
the memory is recent 
tears dampen my cheeks,for
love indecent

I take down the book, and 
open the cover 
I begin to read, the 
history of me and a lover

I once held a treasure
long enough to be a desire
for in it, I had pleasure
something, I longed to acquire

Reclaimed, was the treasure
by the keeper, retaken
to be guarded by her
until retook or forsaken

In a temple it rested
situated on Mt. Turmoil
a mountian, trials infested
to prevent the despoil
of the treasure contested

Mt. Turmoil's mercy, found
a man of pure heart
his heart was made sound, by 
love profound

A passageway opened, to 
this man of pure heart
for the mountian knew
the Keeper would impart
to this man, her heart

The man with pure heart, took
the opened pathway
and reached the mountain top 
to find a keeper in disarray

For she knew not whom,
she would give her heart 
for there was another,
her heart she did once impart

they both appeared 
before the keeper's temple
her heart enshrined
within the golden vessel

She chose the man
with the impure soul 
the pure in heart 
he was left unwhole

For he gave his all
for the one above
but left the mountain 
leaving behind his love

for not all love stories 
have happy endings
for this one ended
im in search of new beginnings

© 2015 Stephen

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Added on May 8, 2015
Last Updated on May 8, 2015
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