Realm Of Introspection

Realm Of Introspection

A Poem by Stephen

A night of introspection turns into a nightmarish like dream..Love trumps all


Entering the realm of introspection, 

my mind opened by aid of night's tranquility.

The inner eye gazed upon my projection, 

with a projected sense of fallibility.

Gone now was the projection of light,

as the inner eye turned to my soul.

All things laid bare within it's sight, 

penetrating the blackest hole.

Tears dampened my anguished face!

as pain and guilt emanated from within;

for demons of my past gave chase!

taunting me with memories of past sin.

Every ounce of strength exerted;

flight from my demons waned;

to them I became subverted;

but by Despondency I was chained!

Their voices in my head I heard, 

accusatory tones intensified! 

Ghostly visions of the past stirred, 

of haunting sins un-rectified!

Approaching from the edge of delirium, 

hooded Death drew ever near!

This state was his imperium, 

I felt an unbearable fear!

Just before Death took hold,

the night once again was replaced

by Love's coat Death was enfolded, 

in a friend's arm I was embraced. 

© 2015 Stephen

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Your choice of words makes the language absolutely beautiful.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for reading and I appreciate the appraisal friend
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This was a wonderful message of forgiveness and love. To face what is in your self and be cleansed of all that was imprisoning you...awesome red, dear poet :)

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your appraisal and praise of my piece.
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~~ a very insightful piece... ~~ i think brutal introspection makes us less judgemental as human beings... because when we face ourselves and then forgive ourselves, we are able to forgive others... including those who wronged us... ~~ we sort of comprehend the anatomy of a common sin...

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for the appraisal friend. Thanks for reading!

9 Years Ago

~~ you're very welcome...
Color me impressed, very impressed. I think this might be my favorite piece of yours so far, in many ways! The dark atmosphere you created in this piece is one I haven't come across on this website's uniquely dark(to me anyway). A vast number of the lines in this were filled with delicious imagery, rich vocab, and refreshing energy, and I most definitely enjoyed every morsel of this poem. To top everything off, the message you conveyed in this is both understandable and relatable. When we are alone(as we all are from time to time), dark thoughts(whether they be regrets, paranoid inner ramblings, or any other potentially harmful thoughts) can creep into our minds. Thankfully, they usually can be vanquished by our friends as soon as they are right beside us. You have truly outdone yourself with this piece Stephen.

Unfortunately, because the website will not allow me to give something a rating of 200/100, I can only give this a 100/100. The poet is strong in this one... :)

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. I really appreciate and I am humbled at your praise for .. read more

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Pensacola , FL

I am very interested in writing. Love to read others writings and really find the meaning within that writing. I love to write to be able to hopefully add meaning to others lives or help them in a tim.. more..


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