Mt. Success

Mt. Success

A Poem by Stephen

Traveling the road
in darkness of night 
experience, my lantern 
my guiding light

Illuminating my footsteps,
while on this journey I travel
expanding my boundaries,
as new mysteries I unravel

Signs up ahead,
give warnings of danger 
brightened by the past
he should not be a stranger

Now along my journey,
the sun began to rise
shedding me with warmth, 
the cold of night dies

The road begins to incline, 
as I adventure on ahead, 
I climb for the sky, 
for the sky is the limit it's said

As the sun rises, 
unleashing the heat of noon
I become exhausted ,
I'll be resting soon

I come to a spring, 
surrounded with exquisite flowers 
drinking with pleasure, 
the water that empowers

A resting place I find,
at the foot of Mt. Success
a beautiful little grotto,
that now is my address

I watch people climb,
while others fall
contemplating the meaning,
the point of it all

A man passed, 
close to my dwelling
he stopped for a chat,
telling me of riches compelling

Many mysteries there were,
yet to be revealed 
As I set out alone, 
a hardened heart, my shield

Ascending Mt. Success,
the pressure I began to feel
feeling the force of gravitation, 
reaching the peak, surreal

The higher I climb, 
the more others fall 
having more understanding,
closer, was the point of it all

The higher we climb, 
this mountain, a monstrosity
comes an increase in pressure 
from the mountain's ferocity

As I continued my journey, 
the ledges gave less shelter
more exposed to the elements,
I began to swelter

I looked back down, 
to what I left behind
sometimes wishing, 
I had more peace of mind

Throughout my journey, 
many had failed
to climb Mt. Success, 
the cost not entailed

As I approached the peak, 
soon I would know
the cost of scaling Mt. success,
and what I would have to forgo

To obtain the riches,
I once was told
lies at the peak, 
treasures untold

As I stretched out my arms, 
to the coveted peak of Mt. Success
I pulled myself over the ledge, 
to the peak I finally had access

The realization dawned,
the meaning now clear
the mouth of a volcano, 
brought out from me a tear

For there was not treasure, 
a false tale was told
I was striving for nothing,
hell for me would unfold

For there are two realms,
in which lies Mt. Success
One Physical, One Spiritual, 
the pure heart, both on the mind impress

But an impure heart 
prevented me from seeing
the door to Heaven,
made by the Supreme Being

The volcano erupted, 
consuming me whole 
that was the sacrifice 
forgoing my soul

What was the meaning, 
what was the point of it all?
why did I climb this mountain,
why did all of this, on me befall?

I listened to a worldly man,
blinded by an impure heart 
searching for worldly treasures, 
thinking the world to me would impart

Only to lose everything, 
my, what a cost
the world's empty promises, 
causes all to be lost

© 2015 Stephen

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Enlightening to read this lovely poem. Many things come to mind here Stephen. Will ponder more for sure.
Beautiful how you included nature! I love this.
Very nice write Stephen. Inspiring to think of "Mt. Success" !

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for the review friend and the appraisal. Im glad you liked it.
Soul Woodson

9 Years Ago

You are most welcome Stephen.

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1 Review
Added on May 9, 2015
Last Updated on May 9, 2015
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