Slender man

Slender man

A Poem by nigrum homonculus

based off the slender man legends. what he does i don't i made some of it up


He stood at 8 ft tall

His arms as almost touching the ground

He always poses in photos

Silently watching.


He had no face

Nor a mouth

His expressions non existent

But his intentions….


If you’re seen with him

You go missing, it’s the legend

He’s an addict to adolescence.

The younger the better he thinks.


But he’s been round for centuries

Never aged a day

His white hairless

Faceless head remains free of decay


He will stalk for eternity

Or until all youth is caught

Maybe he uses their juices

To bask in immortality.


So never go into the woods

He loves a fresh catch.

The scary thing is he’s silent

So you will never hear his attack. 

© 2012 nigrum homonculus

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I liked this. It was definitely very creepy to this that this man just lurck in the woods all the time and if you have seen where I live then you would get pretty creeped out also. haha But that is in a way a good thing because you made me feel that way and i think that is what you intended, yes?
Great work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Ah, the Slenderman, quite an intriguing legend is he not? I applaud the simplicity of this poem; but to be frank, I find that this is too, how to put, unrefined? It sounds like something I would bring up whilst telling campfire stories. Perhaps you could polish it up a bit, find synonyms for all the "so's, the's, and he's," and bring addressing of the Slenderman to a minimum? Just my two cents anyways. Nice concept though, I enjoyed it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

nigrum homonculus

8 Years Ago

he really is....scares the crap out of me though. ah oki. it would have more of an impact that way. .. read more
Tai Ryens

8 Years Ago

That, dear stranger, is a decision for you to make.
It's funny that I'm reading this, because I saw a video of this one guy playing the game "Slender" last night, and it was scary as heck. Interesting myth though.

Posted 8 Years Ago

The Watcher

8 Years Ago

Nope, but I've heard that name before. I'll message you the link.
nigrum homonculus

8 Years Ago

oki cool!

8 Years Ago

Video scared the s**t out of me.... screamed a total of three times... Good poem though hun. :)

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Added on July 28, 2012
Last Updated on July 28, 2012
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nigrum homonculus
nigrum homonculus

london, surrey, United Kingdom

i have been away from this place for.....lord knows, something like 3-4 years? so i guess all the things i have experienced in that time have to come out somehow you know? so here we are. you're readi.. more..