Heart Of the Safari

Heart Of the Safari

A Story by Julie Beth

Topic:Safari trip


  The eight year old boy ran across the dark green grass, over to the girl next door sitting on the white porch. She was holding a stuffed animal Koala bear, it was her favorite animal. The boy took a breath and ran his hand through his spiked up, dirty blonde hair.

"Ello Jane!" The boy greeted in a loud voice. The girls head slowly lifted to. Jane was the cutest six year old around. She had straight, thin, brunette hair that stopped at her shoulders and big, dark, brown eyes.

"Why are you talking funny Toby?" Jane asked as she hopped off the chair she was sitting on.

"The names ranger Toby and I’m going to take you on a Safari!" Toby exclaimed as his eyes sparkled with excitement.

"A safari? What's that?"

"It's an adventure you get to go on and see all cool animals, like the ones you're into. So, what do you say Jane?" Toby held out his hand to Jane. "Wanna go on a safari with me?" Jane glanced around the looked back at Toby."I don't think the kind of animals I like live around here." Toby sighed and then replied, "I know, but we could always just pretend. We could even make it a code word, like if we are having a bad day, or wanna take an adventure, or just wanna get away from people and talk. So, Jane, wanna go on a safari with me?" Toby looked up at his best friend hoping she would take his hand. Jane looked back at Toby, smiled, and took his hand, thus starting their journey.


  Nine years later, Jane was starting her freshman year in high school. Toby was a junior and promised that he would watch over her. Toby cared about Jane more than anything. Whenever she looked down, Toby would smile, hold out his hand, and simply ask, "So, Jane, wanna go on a safari with me?" Of course they kept their word when they said that would be a code word. Usually, they would just walk into the woods and laugh about stupid things till Jane felt better. Jane felt safe around Toby; she told him everything, or almost everything. She never had the guts to tell him that she loves him.

 Other than Toby, Jane didn't have any friends. Everyone thought she was the weird quiet girl, but Jane didn't need any more friends, she had Toby. Toby at the time cared so much of what people thought of him. His friends starting harassing him to tell Jane he can't be his friend anymore. At first Toby refused, but after a while, he couldn't take it anymore. Toby convinced himself it was for the best.

  Jane was at her locker when Toby walked over. Toby took a deep breath then said, "Jane?" Jane looked up and smiled, but it quickly faded once she saw his face. Toby was a lot taller now; around six feet tall, his dirty blonde hair was longer now, and his blue eyes, which were usually cheerful, were now full of sadness.

"Toby, what's wrong?" Jane asked urgently. Toby looked down at the ground and replied softly,

"I'm sorry Jane, but we can't be friends anymore."

"Wh-" Jane tried to say but Toby cut her off. "Don't talk to me or anything, just leave me alone." Toby walked down the hallway not looking back once.

  Jane ran out of school crying as she went straight home and got some rope. How could Toby do this to her? He was her best friend, didn't that mean anything to him...She loved him. Tears streamed down Jane's face as she stood up on a stool and tied the rope around the garage door track, and then she tied it around her neck. She never stopped to remember that her older brother Josh was home. She just looked at the wall as she took her last breath, before kicking the chair out from under her.


 Two days later, Jane woke up in the hospital, only to find Toby sitting in a chair by her hospital bed. His face was red and puffy from crying.

 Josh walked into the garage seconds after Jane kicked down the chair. He thought he was too late at first, but the doctors told him she was a lucky one. Toby shot up the second he saw Jane open her eyes.

"Jane!" Toby exclaimed, "Oh my god Jane, I thought you were dead." Tears rolled down Toby's face. Toby couldn't believe he was the cause of this, what was wrong with him? He almost got his best friend killed. "I didn't mean what I said Jane, I was being stupid. I love you more than anything in the world." Toby tried to take Jane's hand, but she pulled it away.

"Jane?" Toby whispered. Jane could tell Toby was hurt by this, but he hurt her more. Jane turned away from Toby. She didn't want him to see her tears, and then he would know that this hurt her just as much as it hurt him. "Jane, will you go on a safari trip with me?" He whispered softly. Jane knew this would tear her apart, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

"No Toby." Tears rolled down Jane's face. "Now please leave, and don't talk to me again."

  Toby didn't stop trying. When Jane got out of the hospital, he would call, go over, and email her. Not long after, Jane changed her email address, and she and her family, moved away.


 Four years later, Jane went away to med school. She was really excited to go, and even made some friends. Things were going great. One day while Jane was walking to her dorm, she accidentally bumped into a guy and all over her notebooks fell to the ground. Jane and the guy bent down to pick them up.

"I am so sorry." Jane replied. "I wasn't looking." Jane looked up. At the guy, He had short dirty blonde hair with little stubbles on his chin, and his sparkling blue eyes were staring at her hard.

 A chill ran through her body as she gathered her stuff, got up, and quickly walked walked away.

"Jane, wait!" Toby called as he chased after her. Toby grabbed Jane's arm and spun her around, so she was facing him.

 "I think about the mistake I made every day. It was the stupidest thing I ever did. I was a stupid teenager who only cared about what others thought of him. If I could take it all back, I would. I never wanted you to hurt yourself, and I never wanted to hurt you.”Toby rambled as Jane looked down.

"Toby I-" Toby put his finger to her lips.

"Jane, I know I screwed up big time, and I probably don't deserve you at all, but here it goes. Jane, will you go on a safari trip with me. I promise that I will make this one better than the last." Toby held out his hand as hope filled his sparkling blue eyes. Jane looked down at his hand and let her heart take over. She slowly intertwined her hand with his taking a chance, hoping this safari trip will be better than the last.


 Three years later, Toby and Jane were standing on a small bridge that stood over a beautiful pond. His arm was wrapped around Jane’s waist as he looked out at the pond. Toby reached in his pocket, with his free hand and smiled. His heart was pounding out of control. He took a deep breath, pulled the small black box out of his pocket, unwound his arm from around Jane, and got down on one knee.

"Jane, I love you more than anything in the world and I would be honored if you would join me on a lifelong safari trip, as my wife."

 Jane looked down at Toby as tears of joy filled her big, dark, brown eyes.

"Yes." Jane giggled as tears rolled down her face.  Toby got up and kissed her. He knew that his life was now complete. He completed his mission, him and his best friend, soon to be wife, were now the heart of the safari.


© 2011 Julie Beth

Author's Note

Julie Beth
this was for a contest my topic was Safari trips, so i used it metaphorical
Grace: I made this as short as i could

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This piece is like an emotional roller coaster. Very cute idea using the metaphor of 'safari trip'. I really enjoyed reading this, it's short and sweet.

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

This was really cute Julie, good job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

it's a bitfast paced and i wonder why his friends' didn't want him to be friends with Jane anymore? Anyway this was a set story! there was so typos,but i'm sure you will fix them! great write!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Love this! It was so sad, but thankfully you perked it up in the end. Nicely done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I love your creative use of the topic. This is such a cute story. It definitely had some unexpected twist, and I love the simplicity of the love story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

awww....it's sooo cute!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Aww!! So sweet! Wonderful! purely wonderful!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was so sweet. Great job:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is so precious. You did great. Amazing. It pulls the heart strings and its just....great job, Jules. Truly great.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Story by Julie Beth

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