Chapter 1: The Beginning.

Chapter 1: The Beginning.

A Chapter by pr0teinshakes


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A new girl was hired at the Jade Palace. Her name was Kayla and she had a love for Kung Fu and secretly wished one day she would be good enough to become the Dragon Warrior or a member of the Furious Five. She idolized Po, a panda who lives in the Jade Palace. Po is the Dragon Warrior, the only Kung Fu master worthy of defeating any Kung fu-er. Po is a black and white panda who has a voice much like Jack Black awkwardly enough and he is  a KUNG FU MASTER. 

Or atleast he was until Po was kidnapped by the good/bad croc bandit. I found this out last night once Shifu had told me. I was honestly surprised. I mean, c'mon Po? Getting kidnapped? He's like a big black and white ball of awesomeness, this has GOT to be impossible. No way not at all. That's like Chuck Norris crying. Just doesn't happen. 

Anyways, I then went to tell the Furious Five about Po being taken. 

"WHAT? Who would want a giant panda?", said Tigress.

I would. "I don't know," I said "We've got to find him though."

"We? As in the furious, and only the furious five." 

"Yeah, but I can help too? Right?" 

"Not a chance kid, you're just going to get hurt out there and besides, Shifu might need some company."

"SHIFU? COMPANY?" I laughed until I sobered up and realized she wasn't kidding. "Okay, fine. I'll stay, but only on one condition. You guys save Po and don't get hurt. Deal?" 


So the Furious Five went and packed their stuff and headed off to save Po. I really wished I could have gone with them, even though I'm not the mack daddy of Kung Fu I still could help some. Almost as if he were reading my mind Shifu came up and said, "Do you really think you should have went with them?" 

"Yes," I said," I really think I can help some." 

"Well in that case I think that you shouldn't go with them. Don't try and chase them tonight at midnight with this packed bag full of supplies for hunting down Po. The guards won't be there tonight because they took the day off, but I'm only telling you that because I think that you might need to go outside in the middle of the night and I don't want you to worry when you've seen they're gone." 

"Oh okay Shifu, I won't go outside at midnight with that packed bag full of supplies for saving Po while the guards are gone, but if in any event I'm not here in the morning I probably went to get snacks for when Po returns and it's going to be a long trip to Krogers." I said while Shifu looked at me confused," That's in America." 

"Right right. Well I've got important duties to do. It was nice seeing you Kayla."

"You just said duties and you see me everyday." 
Shifu walked away, probably best for him because it's been scientifically proven that talking to me for more than 5 minutes can kill your brain cells. 

Later that night, I went out to fetch Shifu's bag of supplies, double check the guards were off-duty, and then eventually went to 'visit Krogers'. Alrighty. Just going to go use my non-existent Kung Fu skills to save Po and assist the Furious Five. Nothing strange about it. 
"It's go time." I whispered to myself, normally I'd laugh at that because talking to yourself just kind of makes me chuckle on the insides but whatever. I sprinted down the Jade Palace's millions and trillions of stairs, almost tripping a couple times but that's beside the point. 

Eventually I reached the bottom and started sprinting past several buildings, Mr. Ping's noodle shop included. I started toward the Artisan Village and finally reached it, but when I did it hit me, literally, I ran into the tree Monkey was tied to. The Furious Five in general had been captured, Tigress chained up, Monkey tied to a tree, Mantis and Viper in unbreakable cages, and Crane was M.I.A. with only his hat to be found.

"Kayla! Get away from here before they--" 
An explosion came from a building right down the road and two bandits had appeared, both carrying several briefcases of money. I hid in the shadows before they seen me, thankfully. "That Panda has caused us a LOT of trouble. We oughta just kill him while we can. Like you know, before the he-who-should-not-be-named does the stuff that shouldn't be said." said one of the croc bandits. This one was kind of albino looking, reminding me of a past Sims game I used to play but that's beside that point. The other was more menacing looking, oddly enough I have a feeling he really is like a giant teddy bear, other than the fact he just robbed a building and then blew it up. 

I reacted quite fast, kind of like Usain Bolt but not as extreme. Within seconds I had the two croc bandits trapped on the ground underneath my knee, which was happily resting on top of their throats. 

"I think you should tell us where Po is." I stated quite awesome-like.

"And I think you should let us go because if you don't you're going to be in lots of trouble and besides, your friend is going to die anyways." said the albino croc.

"Well I think that if you tell me where Po is I might let you go." 

This seemed to weigh in their heads before the other croc spoke up.

"Okay, he's in the third cell on the right when you walk into the pink and black hut in the Canyon of the Shrieking Wind."

I looked over at the Five and then back at the crocs. 

"If I let you go you'll let them go free, correct?"

"Yes." The crocs said simultaneously.

So I let them go and they let the five loose. 

"Let's go to Canyon of the Shrieking Wind," Said Tigress. 

And off we went.

"You know, I kind of miss Po being with us because now nobody tries to take a snack break," said Viper about an hour later.

"Eh, that just means we get there faster." said Tigress.

"Well I can't wait until we free-

"AH C'MON! Why can't i finish my sentence?! I mean it's one thing to cut Viper off, but me? That's unnecessary!" I said, quite angrily in fact.

"Kayla shut up for five minutes will ya? And instead of talking I suggest you look ahead." said Tigress.

Then I saw it, the most unexpected thing ever.

"Oh. My. God"

© 2012 pr0teinshakes

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