It Takes Two - Chapter One: The Forgotten City

It Takes Two - Chapter One: The Forgotten City

A Chapter by Jofer Serapio

Welcome to The Forgotten City.


East of both Serdin and Kanavan lies the strange and desolate ruin of a whole generation. No one, not of this present, has any knowledge of its existence. A few, surviving decades and millenia of different cultures and ideologies, have faint distinctions of it. Nothing that has been written could be proven. That's probably why it has remained empty for so long. People have ignored it. With the world's current predicament, of chaos and fear, a small glitch is easily overlooked. And that smudge is the very reason why a small band of equally merry men, and a woman, has assembled within the obscurity that is The Forgotten City.

"Hmm... So this is the Forgotten City, eh?" mumbled someone from the distance.

As the dust settled, it was clear that the speaker was a warrior. He was garbed in a coat of leather, black in shade with highlights of hot pink. His eyes were kept concealed by small silver-rimmed spectacles and its black lenses. Quite built, strong facial features came with the package. His short, pink hair was quite strange but more so the smile that was inconceivably posted across his face.

"Yeah, it is. Now will you please be careful with that Kara no Kyoukai of yours? I almost got hit." commented one female, referring to the guy's dual lance stationed on his back.

The young woman had porcelain skin, fair and ripe for her age. She had autumn hair, long and in curls. With her blue eyes mockingly against the former's, she teased him with a gentle smile. Her mostly han purple outfit, comprised of a sleeveless top and a black skirt, resembles that of a certain Monk from Nibelheim's legends. She has periwinkle gloves and shoes of the same shade. On her left leg, the sword called Daten no Tsuki rests peacefully.

"I prefer calling it as Rakkyo, mom." replied the pink haired escort with a smile.

"Kara no Kyoukai, Rakkyo... It's all Greek to me."

"Momo, please stop bullying my Hasu. You're wounding my glass heart." Another warrior, with gray hair, thrust himself into the fray.

He was a few inches shorter than the first guy, with a build that was rather inferior. His big silver eyes complemented his feminine features very well. Wearing an outfit exclusive to those of his kind, Evan Stripers under the legendary Lass, blue and gold dominates his apparel. The young warrior had a tattoo on his right arm, a symbol reminiscent of the ouroboros in plain ink. His hair was also kept short with a headband diagonally resting on his forehead, falling on his left. He was holding his own weapon, a sword with yellow and orange highlights.

"Awww... That's so sweet." The lone female started to look quite infatuated at the two men before her. "You guys really make me feel so giddy!"

"Giddy... Is that even a word?"

"Actually, it is, Hasu. It either means elated or dizzy. Although, it could also mean losing your sensibility..."

"Ah, a non-popular word per se." As he smiled, the spectacled man ruffled his pink crest. "Women and their penchant for associating love with just about anything and everything..."

"Awww... Kei! Aren't they adorable?"

Kei Itoshiki, Guild Master of the renowned Shinsengumi and a feared Dark Assassin throughout Bermesiah, kept his attention on the vast desert before them. He was squinting against the burning sun, which seemed to not affect the others as much as it did him. His red caped billowed against the sultry breeze and he found nothing but more confusion in his wake. He was still lost in his thoughts of identity, of preservation, for what is truth and life, and anything in between just to prove his presence means much more than a fleeting moment, a mispronunciation in a debate's haste. He wanted to know something concrete.

"What I do want to know is why I'm here with the three of you? I'm not as strong or as agile and I barely care for anything but ideals." wondered the pink-haired ally.

"Would you rather gorge on Momo's pies, Hasu? Do you want to get fat? I don't want you to get fat."

"This is a surveillance mission, Skyes. Your insight will be of great use to us." Kei murmured unconsciously.

The Xenocider Skyes just went on smiling. "Ah, well, whenever I'm needed then."

Momo, the only female in the foursome, eyed their leader intently. She had known Kei for as long as she could remember. Compared to either Skyes or the gray haired Striper, she had more experience with the hikkikomori. She was the only one who was brave enough, or who cared enough for the silver haired, to bridge the gap. They were always seen together, whether during skirmishes or the usual lazy afternoons.

"Are you alright, Kei?"

The Dark Assassin's reaction time was still par excellence. Even though he unintentionally locked himself in the inner sanctum of his mind, Momo's familiar voice drew him back to the real world.

"I'm fine, Annaliese..."

A student of Itoshiki, the Savior found her mentor's tone rather disconcerting. Kei was their leader and a leader is only as good as the allegiance bound to him. Any sign of uncertainty could weaken said allegiance to a point of anarchy. She had faith in both Skyes and the Striper but the fact still remains, once a leader shows signs of weakness, he will lose his power. Annaliese, Momo, had been a witness to that time and time again.

She walked closer to Kei, surprising the latter, and focused her eyes to where he was looking. Right before them were nothing but remains of buildings, toppled and degraded. The Savior didn't know what to make of it. What was Itoshiki thinking? Was he reflecting on degeneration? 

"Uhh... Anyways, Neku, how about we go survey that area over there?" Skyes went on smiling though bored with the staled atmosphere.

Neku Sakuraba, the Evan Striper, motioned for the Xenocider to head the way, to which the latter followed suit. Although Neku seemed like a push-over, he was actually Shinsengumi's Fukucho, second only in rank to Kei Itoshiki. Not a man of authority, nor responsibility for that matter, Neku would rather bask in optimism than waste his time talking. What others think wouldn't matter as long as he knows who he is and where he stands. Besides, there is nothing left to prove to open minds.

"Wait... Are you guys going to leave me here with Annaliese?" Kei blurted out.

Momo looked at him with a raised right brow. Skyes and Neku stopped dead in their tracks. It took a few seconds before the Kyokucho finally realized how awkward his comment was.

"I mean... Uhh..."

"Easy, Kei... You might break my heart." Momo joked, smiling at the embarrassed Kyokucho, prompting Neku to sigh with relief.

The Guild Master was left confused. Momo turned around and started to concentrate with the mission. Neku and Skyes slowly walked  away, opting to investigate on their own. Splitting up was a great idea for it meant they could cover a large territory in a small amount of time. A smile streaked on the red warrior's pretty face. Catching a glimpse of Annaliese's beauty like a raccoon steals its food, Kei Itoshiki's smile grew. He tried to hide it but did otherwise after realizing Momo was too absorbed in her work.

"Should I?" The Dark Assassin mumbled inaudibly to himself. "Could I?"

© 2009 Jofer Serapio

Author's Note

Jofer Serapio
Disclaimer: The following story is a work of pure fiction. The characters, the events and the sensual innuendos are all fictitious. Any relation to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The guild name Shinsengumi belongs to their respective owners as do the aliases, the in game usernames and the forum usernames. Grand Chase and all related terms belong to KOG. The titles Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Daten no Tsuki, Kara no Kyoukai/Rakkyo and Subarashiki Konosekai all belong to their respective creators and publishers.

Jofer Serapio ([email protected]) reserves this work as licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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