A Deal With Death

A Deal With Death

A Story by rachylou

Once there was a girl called Violet on the verge of death. Her mother and father had already been taken by death and you could feel his presence in the room. All the sick girl had left was her best friend, Jenny. Jenny never left Violets side, no matter when or what it was Jenny would do anything to help her friend. One day Jenny felt deaths presence stronger than it had been before so she called out "Death, why do you haunt my friend?"

 He replied "It is my job to do so it is the way of the world, and your friends life has nearly expired."

I pleaded "She is only young, can't you spare her."

Death sighed and said "I have to take someones life, I am starving by the minute."

An idea suddenly came into Jenny's head "Take my life, and in return leave my friends bedside!" Death was taken aback with what she would do to keep her friend safe. In all Deaths thousands of years at this job he had not yet encountered someone so devoted to another human being.

"Very well," Death said, "But remember that you asked for this." He lifted his long black cloak and swung it around Jenny. When he pulled it back Jenny fell to the floor dead. His next job was to save her ill friend, he drifted over the corpse and stood over sleeping Violet. He opened his mouth and breathed on her, the breath glowed a brilliant yellow and it touches Violets heart then disappeared. Violet sat up and opened her eyes and revealed a set of bright blue eyes. She looked around but both her friend and death were gone.

© 2012 rachylou

Author's Note

bit random

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pretty interesting.

yep i agree you could have made it longer.

keep writing,
Good luck!

Posted 8 Years Ago

plz rate

Posted 8 Years Ago

plz review

Posted 8 Years Ago

i like it would be good if you made it longer

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hi My name is rachel and i am a teenage girl. I love hockey and netball more..

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