poem of a Rabid Dog

poem of a Rabid Dog

A Poem by daydreamer

we humans destroy anything that comes in the way of our ambition


They chased me

They killed me

Pelting stones

Stabbing knives

Today they burnt me

cruel is it me or them?


I had gone mad

Another rabid dog bit me

Pumped Virus into my system

No one to help

I am a mute dumb dog

couldn't garner support for my cause .


They killed me

Beaten by sticks

I fought back

Trying to bite and

Get rid of blood suckers

 Overpowered, got buried in a swamp

But, I wasn’t so by birth

Don’t I have right to live?

When I wagged my tail

Licked my master

Guarded the house from thugs

Gambled with my life


All of them, threw

Dried pieces of bread

They chained me

I became object of desire

A pet ,my life a satire

faith was my attire



In the course of service

defending territory, chained,

A rabid monster bit me

I showed to my master

He dint clean my wounds

Rabies ate all my flesh


I am a dumb mute dog

Built to entertain my masters

None noticed my pain

None shared my gain

All they wanted was a slave

I now became a drooling mass of bones.


Today my death was brutal

I was slain full of pain

My soul was set free

Grieving for violent end

Praying god for salvation

forgiveness and ounce of love.


Please lend us voice

We could fight for our rights

I am alive with emotion

Feel my pain and agony

While stabbing knives on to my back

 Think of a small prick on your heart

Please feel my anguish

I am just not

Rabid dog or rubbish

I am filled with flesh and blood

Just like you

For your desires I perished.



© 2012 daydreamer

Author's Note

This is about a dog's life. I have tried to portray layers of human suffering at the hands of fellow human. Dog is only a symbol. Honest suggestions are welcome:)

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wow very good pov i knew what you meant by it not bad was a nice poem

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A situation I have seen both from the Dogs perspective and the human. But your poem is a masterwork. Superbly written, with class, style and pwer. Stunning work, even though it's damn hard to read. The emotion, not the font. Exceptional

Posted 12 Years Ago

Suffering comes in many forms. You have chosen a theme that is heartbreaking and drives the point home. This commands attention to the cruelty of inhumane acts. Great write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

How sad. Touches my heart. Well written piece.
There are many layers to human suffering. You used a good metaphor. Nicely done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 1, 2012
Last Updated on January 1, 2012



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Hi i am Rajesh . I am an Indian Male citizen, residing in small town called Mangalore in Karnataka state. Writing has been my dream i have been nurturing since my childhood. I have a long long way .. more..

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