Anna I love You- The story Of  A Schizophrenic

Anna I love You- The story Of A Schizophrenic

A Story by daydreamer

This is a story written by an Psychiatric about his deceased wife Anna




Hi my name is Eric Mathais. I am a Psychiatrist by profession. You might be wondering that I might be writing a new essay on the function of brain and synaptic discharges or subconscious and consciousness.  Surprisingly I am not. I am here to tell you a beautiful love story compiled by my late wife Anna. I was forced to write this because world ought to know about this.

My beautiful little baby Dorothy is playing blissfully in her own world as I write on. Schizophrenia is a much debated topic with newer treatment modalities every day. My mentor Dr.Roy has been recipient of lot many awards on this subject. He is a great inspiration to me. Well! If I have confused you I am sorry. This disease has a great role to play in this story.

My wife Anna made me what I am today. Those few years with her were rewarding and life changing one. Sometimes people who know me very closely would have argued that there was no need for me to fall in love with beautiful Anna fully aware of her condition. They say I would have achieved my current status without her. May be partly true, but, I am sure without a doubt in my mind that I would have been a mechanical Psychiatrist, who would see my every patient as a mass of flesh with malfunction in  brain circuits, neurochemicals  and synapses; pretending to be empathetic. Deep down, I would know that I could not be to empathetic with them because it might affect my routine functions.

Schizophrenia or split personality disorder is not easy to cope with. It can be traumatic to patients as well as to the care takers. Why am I bragging about this disease? Is it to highlight my special prowess in this field of medicine? Definitely not. My mentor Dr.Roy had diagnosed my wife as suffering from multiple personality disorder under trying circumstances. It was his medication which provided me the best of life time experiences with my wife Anna. She was just 21 years old when she was diagnosed with this disease.

It was a tough call for me to marry Anna at such a young age and cope with my studies and her disease. Ultimately, she fell victim to the cross fight between the very drugs which saved her life and improved quality of her life; once upon a time. I did not know what went wrong? That compelled me to take up this field of medicine and achieve masters in it.

The debate about my wife’s mental state may rage on. Many  would argue vociferously, supporting Dr. Roy and his thought process; A scientific method of thinking. But, still others may argue that she was indeed haunted by ghosts and there is indeed afterlife and rebirth. Well ,it is left up to you to judge based on your belief. I will never do so, because of one simple reason, I loved her and still do immensely. Love does not judge or categorise; it simply knows one thing to love and love, madly deeply. It will not look for mistakes and to crucify some one  for not complying with our set belif. Anna will live in my memories and in my daughter till my last breath.

Every one will be forced at one stage of their lives to either defend or abandon their loved ones in the stage of society. I was in a great dilemma to take sides either a scientific one or philosophical one. I was in a great dilemma to choose one, until, my Anna provided me the answers. I found her diary which showed me the path and since then I have stuck to my path. She told me you cannot take one side because life is multi dimensional. Love pervades ever y thing. It percolates into one’s soul and believe it or not; I am a firm believer that life is more than what it appears.

This life changing experience has made me empathetic to every one, including those who are mentally challenged. Every one has something to offer; no matter what state their mind is in. People call them insane . I beg to differ; Insanity is just a temporary state of mind, with right and prompt treatment every one can achieve sanity, as per our societal norms; simply because the definition of sanity varies among different cultures.

Leave all the debate behind, listen to the story of my beautiful Anna. I would be greatful to you, all the readers because it will not only help the cause of Anna, but all those who suffer with multiple personality disorders. I cannot authentically verify everything Anna has written; but deep in my heart I do believe in what she has written. It had to be converted into a story so that it is a pleasure and thought invoking read.... 

© 2012 daydreamer

Author's Note

I got inspired to write this story when I visited an Portuguese cemetery in Cochin

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This is a good write. Well written with cliff hangers and an introduction that would want the readers to read more. I can't wait to read next with the continuation.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow, this was very interesting... caught my attention. It's unique and different. Nicely done! I loved it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Hi i am Rajesh . I am an Indian Male citizen, residing in small town called Mangalore in Karnataka state. Writing has been my dream i have been nurturing since my childhood. I have a long long way .. more..

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A Story by daydreamer