To Hamlet

To Hamlet

A Poem by Rose of Gondor

Dear Hamlet,

I expect you to be better at midnight soliloquies than I,

But your soliloquies don't go unnoticed,

And I am not insensitive to the way you draw your barriers up and sink further to yourself,

Nor deaf to the way truth always echoes from the play,

That play which you have written so cleverly with yourself loathing

And disguised with nonchalance,

When you have plotted out the tragic end,

And with the sharpest twist of your quill

You've engraved it on your heart.

You hurt so much and you've bled so much

So eager to take the knife to your breast,

Or your wrists

Or you arms or your legs or any part of you that is so irreplaceable and precious 

To your mother and your father and your siblings and your friends and me

You are so eager to take the blame of the end of the day on your shoulders,

And bear the weight of the world alone

To call yourself nothing, ugly, disgusting,

Truly believe that

You are not needed or wanted or worth it,

But you are so worth it and I know you won't ever believe it

No matter who it comes from,

But especially not me because I've lost that right forever.

And I know it won't make it any better,

That hugs and kisses and love only goes so far,

That you already know and it makes no difference

Whether or not I say it,

That life is good and bad and good and bad don't outweigh each other

But I want to say it anyway, and I want to tell you that you do matter to me,

You are loved and you are needed and you are wanted,

And I love you even if it's not what you think I'm supposed to do

That I will love you forever and a day and if I had a choice,

If it wouldn't hurt you, I would tell you always.

Because you matter,

And you shouldn't have to live like this.

You shouldn't have to be anxious or stressed or depressed

You shouldn't have to feel like a waste of space

Or something to be used up and then thrown away

You shouldn't have to feel guilty

About having emotions and expressing them

And you shouldn't have to want to die.

God you should never have to want to die.

You are precious and brilliant and not a mistake.

Please, believe me, just this once,

I know I don't understand and won't ever understand,

But you're worth the fight.

So please keep fighting.

Because you deserve it.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve love and life and joy.

You deserve a long life filled with family, children, grandchildren.

You deserve to live, truly live, 

And you deserve it all. 

You deserve it all so please. 

Please just take a chance on yourself.


© 2015 Rose of Gondor

Author's Note

Rose of Gondor
not much to say 'bout this one

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Wow! I really like this piece. It draws you in with the beginning and it could be applied to so many more people than just Hamlet but knowing it's for Hamlet as well makes it so much better. i had to read Hamlet for my English class and reading this made the thought of the book so much better. Well done! And welcome back! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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