Chapter Two: Getaway

Chapter Two: Getaway

A Chapter by ryssa



“Did you get it?” He asked, looking at me.
“No, Crae. I walked in and pointed a gun at the lady’s head and she just said ‘sorry we’re closed, maybe you can come back tomorrow and jip us?’” I loved Crae, but he needed to think sometimes. He just looked at me.
“There is no need for that level of sarcasm.”
“You’re right, I’m sorry,” I said. He smiled, satisfied with himself. I heard the unmistakable sound of police sirens somewhere in the distance. “We should go.” I reminded him.
“Oh, right.” He said, revving the engine. He pulled away from the bank and started out to my house.
“Are you scared?” He asked. I was thankful for anything to fill the silence and the car and my head. Was I scared? I didn’t think so. I was anxious, but who wouldn’t be after robbing a bank?
“Are you lying to me?” He glanced at me and took a sharp left.
“Actually, I’m not. I’m really not afraid. I’m afraid for you, Sinja, Casey, and Mom. But I’m not afraid for myself.” I said. I was being honest. What would my actions do to my family? I was already in trouble, but unless we found a way to disappear, they would all be caught and arrested for aiding and abiding. I didn’t want that for them. We had money now, we just needed a plan. I needed a plan.
“You’re a good person, Paloma. You know that?” He asked. I smiled, thinking.
“So what now?” He asked. Then it all clicked into place in my brain.
“We go into hiding.” I said, resting my head against the headrest and breathing deep. He reached over and squeezed my hand before returning his hand to the steering wheel. I sat in the welcomed silence, thinking up a plan that would somehow make all of this go away.

* * *

Two hours earlier

“You’re going to do what?” My brother, Casey, said. I had set my family around the table and told them my plan to rob Plaza Bank at nine o’clock tonight. My sister just stared and my mother started laughing.
“What’s so funny, Ma?” Crae asked. He had known my plan for months now. He and I would wait behind the bank for twenty minutes before nine. As soon as the clock hit, I would run into the bank, pull my gun, take the money, and meet him back at the car.
“Well, she’s obviously joking. My Paloma, rob a bank? She wouldn’t.” She said.
“Mom, I think she’s serious.” My sister, Sinja said, breaking the silence. And my mother’s smile.
“Paloma Lindsay, please tell me this isn’t true.” My mother begged.
“Mama, we need this money,”
“No we do not, Paloma. I can handle this.”
“Mama, you know I respect you, and I would never go against what you say, but even I can see what money is doing to our family. Look at our house, Mama, it’s falling apart. I need to do this.” I said. I saw her forehead crease. She was contemplating. She knew I had already made up my mind.
“There’s no other way?” She asked.
“If there was, I wouldn’t think about doing this.” I assured her.
“Paloma, I have faith in you, but I worry.”
“I know, Mama. I’ll be careful.” I said. She sighed.
“I suppose your mind is made up then?” She asked. I nodded, trying to maintain eye contact. She pushed back her chair and stood up, walking over to Crae. My mother was no match for his six foot five, bodybuilding frame, but she got right up in his face anyway.
“You take care of my baby, you understand?” She said. Crae looked at me and nodded.
“Yes, Ma.” He said. She walked over to me, putting her hands on my shoulders
“You take care of my boy, got it?” She asked.
“I will, Mama. Crae and I will be fine.” I promised.
“Is there anything I can do?” She took her seat at the table again.
“Get yourselves-”
“You’re going to get caught.” Casey said, scoffing a bit.
“Shut up, Casey,” Sinja said.
“Or what, Sinja?”
“You don’t want to know!” Sinja threatened.
“Stop it, both of you. Let your sister finish.” She said. She looked at me.

“I need you guys to get ready. Gather as much of our things as you can. Food, clothes, water especially.” I said.

“Why?” Sinja asked.

“If I do get caught,”

“And you will.” Casey said. Crae shot him a look and he instantly closed his mouth and looked back up at me.

“We need to get out of here as fast as possible. So, please, be ready. I’ll be back here in,” I glanced at my watch. “forty two minutes.” I said. My mother nodded and Crae and I headed for the door.

“Paloma?” Casey grabbed my arm, stopping me.

“Yeah, Case?”

“Come home, okay?” He said.

“Don’t worry, Casey. I’ll be back soon. Help Mama and Sinja.” I said He nodded and I kissed his forehead before turning and jumping into the Lexus that Crae was starting.

“Really going through with this.” Crae said, more to himself than to me.

“It’s not too late for you to back out.” I told him. I didn’t want to drag him into my mess. This had been a one person job when I planned it, but as soon as I told him my plans, he insisted he join me. I had refused at first, but after thinking about it, it would be helpful to have someone there with the car already running.

“You see this?” He asked, grabbing my hand and locking his little finger around mine. “We’re family, Paloma. I will never leave you. I’m in this with you to the end.” He said. I smiled.

“Nice to know you got my back, Crae.”

“Nice to know you’ve got mine.” I said. He smiled.

“Anything you want to do before we leave?” I asked.

“Just one thing. Pray.” He said. I nodded, lowering my head, but leaving my eyes open. I held Crae’s hand with my left hand while my right gripped the cross that hung from my neck. He did the same.

“Dear Lord, please be with Crae and I. Please forgive us for our actions and keep us safe.” I said to the father in Heaven. Any help we could get concerning our safety was much appreciated.

“Let’s do this.”

* * *


“Think they’re ready?” Crae asked as we pulled into the house.

“If they know what’s good for them, they will be. Casey better not have held anything up.” I said. Crae parked sloppily and cut the engine, handing me a backpack for the money so I didn’t have to keep it in my shirt anymore.

“Thanks.” I said. He nodded, ducking his head so he could get out. I got out after throwing the money in the bag, slinging it over my shoulder. We walked into our house. Mom, Casey, and Sinja, stood at the door, bags in hands.

“We’re ready.”

“Perfect.” I said. Crae switched the keys, tossing me the key to my Suburban. Not only would it fit all of us, it was a disguise. The lady at the bank would’ve recognized a dark blue Lexus with gold rims, not a white Suburban with a busted bumper, dried mud spots, and silver rims. I knew getting a beat up car would come in handy one day.

“Let’s go.” Crae said, grabbing the bags from Casey. Though he was fourteen, Casey wasn’t very strong. He was born with Muscular Dystrophy and it made it hard for him to carry heavy things.

We ran out to my truck and threw our bags of food, clothes, water, weapons, and blankets into the back. My mother, Sinja, and Casey climbed into the back seat as Crae opened my passenger door, climbing in.

“Where are we going, now?” Casey asked.

“It’s a surprise.” I said. Crae looked at me, a smile on his lips. He knew where I meant when I said ‘surprise.’

“Close your eyes, buddy. It’ll be a while.” He said.

“You could all use a little sleep. Go ahead, I’ll drive.” Three sleepy heads nodded at me from the backseat. Crae reached down and locked his pinky with mine again.

“It’s not the end yet, Pal.” I smiled at him and backed out of the driveway, saying a silent goodbye to the house we had grown up in. We could never go back there now.

© 2012 ryssa

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