A Poem by Niya Moon

Silence they tell me.

Silence they say.

Tell me, is Silence my name?


I am smart, but

I’m not wise,

When I speak

I speak my mind.


I don’t hide behind

A smile

I don’t hide behind

A lie

I don’t sugar coat my words

So you won’t cry.


Silence they tell me.

Silence they say.

Tell me, tell me,

Is Silence my name?


You sit in Prison

And I write,

To tell you a story

To tell you of a Fight.


This Fight it is not of

Fist or leg nor teeth and nail,

But of something deep inside myself.

                                                   A struggle of power

That can only be won by one,

The evidence of Pain



No fun.


I cried and cried

The tears ran down my face

And like a river they did not cease.


But then He came into my life,

And took the place You could and should have been,

The place you will never see again.


I love you,

I pray for you,

What else can I do?


Silence they tell me.

Silence they say.

I will tell you,

Silence is not my name.


I’ve been quiet,

I’ve sugar coated my

Life for you.

But No more,

I’m Through.


You tell me you’ll


But you never do,

I wait for that day

I wait for you.


I’m Done waiting,

I’ve done it for Sixteen years

You never came around,

You never cared.


You say you love me

You say you care,

Well look were you are now Dad,

Cuz it’s not here.


Silence they tell me.

Silence they say.

I will tell you,

Silence is Not My name.





© 2008 Niya Moon

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This is sad but very well written. The flow is great with this piece and is amazing! i love it! The anger and pain put in this over the one who you want to understand but still hate at the same time si just wow

Posted 14 Years Ago

sad very sad but some are not worth wasting time on. Any fol ca be a biological father but it takes a real man to be a "DAD"

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on November 21, 2008


Niya Moon
Niya Moon

Twin Falls, ID

I love to read and write, I can't spell worth crap but I'm good with words and writing is what I love to do. I haven't published any books or storys yet but I hope to soon. Silver Moon will hopefully.. more..

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