Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by L.A.

Chapter Six


     "Well, when I left Florida, I left behind someone very important to me," Francie started. Then, she told Claira about how she and Stacey had been BFFs since they were in diapers and how Mrs. Peterson lost her job so they had to move.

     Whenever Francie wept, Claira wept with her. And whenever Francie laughed, Claira would laugh, too. Claira seemed to be Francie's antidote. She took all of Francie's pain away and replaced it with happiness.

     After Francie was done with her story, she glanced at the time on her cell phone and discovered that it was 5:45 and her mom would be worried.

     Claira saw Francie look nervously at the time. "You have to leave?" she asked sadly.

     "Yeah," Francie answered, standing up. "I don't see how I'll make it out of here, though."

     Claira jumped up beside her. "Did you think you were leaving without your guide?" she demanded.

     Francie laughed. "I did--for a moment, anyway."

     The two girls retrieved their bikes from the metal pole and started riding back through the maze of alleys. Soon, they reached Francie's driveway.

     Francie got off her bike. "Thanks for taking me to your hideout and having to listen to my big, stupid sob story. I really appreciate it."

     Claira grinned. "No problem, and actually I didn't mind it. I have a feeling that you and I are going to be such good friends."

     Francie smiled. "Yeah, me too."

     She started to open the door to her house, when Claira said, "You aren't putting the bike in your garage?"

     Francie whirled around. "I can keep it?"

     "You bet," Claira replied.

     Francie gave Claira a quick hug and put the bike in the garage, then walked inside the house where her mom was waiting for her.

     "Hi Mom," Francie greeted her with a smile on her face.

     Mrs. Peterson was equally happy. "Hi honey. I've got some news for you."

     "What is it?" Francie asked, the smile suddenly vanishing. Those were the same words her mother had told her when she announced that they were going to move.

     "Well, while you were gone with Claira, I met her dad," her mom explained. "He was a very nice gentleman and we have decided to go eat out together tonight."

     "Claira doesn't have a mom?" Francie said.

     "Nope," Mrs. Peterson replied. "So while Bill and I are out, you and Claira can order some pizza, and if you want, have a sleepover. It doesn't matter which house you go to."

     "You're going on a date? With Claira's father?" Francie couldn't believe it. "And Claira and I can stay home alone? Order pizza? Have a sleepover?"

     "Uh huh," her mother said, as if it were no big deal.

     Francie was overjoyed. She had never felt happier. "Do you have Claira's phone number? I want to call her."

     "Of course." Mrs. Peterson handed her a slip of paper with a phone number neatly written on it in red ink.

     "Thanks!" Francie said, pulling out her cell phone. She dialed in the number. On the second ring, it was picked up.

     "Hello?" a man with a pleasant voice asked.

     "Hi, is Claira there?"

     "Yes she is. Who's calling?"

     "This is Francie from across the street. You know, your new neighbor. You met my mom, right?"

     "Why yes I did." The man chuckled. "My name's Mr. Smith, but you can call me Bill. I don't like to be too formal in my household."

     "Okay, Bill."

     "Well, here's Claira. Hold on a second." Bill began to yell across the house for Claira to come on the line.

     "Hello?" a familiar voice asked.

     "Hey, Claira, it's me, Francie."

     "Oh, hey! What's up? Besides the ceiling, of course."

     Francie laughed. "Did you hear our parents' plans for tonight?"

     "Uhhh no. What are they?"

     "My mom is going on a date. With your dad."

     Claira gasped. "No way! Seriously? Awesome!"

     "It gets better. We can stay home, order pizza, and have a sleepover!"

     "Way cool! When are our parents going out?"

     "Uhh, six-thirty, I think."

     "That's in five minutes! Whose house are we sleeping over at?"

     "Well, I recommend yours, since mine is kinda full of boxes."

     "Sounds good. Pack up your stuff and you and your mom can head right on over. My dad will be driving your mom to a restaurant, I assume."

     "Yeah, probably. I'll see ya then. Bye."

     "Bye Francie."

     Francie hung up the phone and ran into the living room. She sorted through the boxes and packed up all the stuff that she would need for a sleepover. Then, she and her mom walked across the street and rang Claira's doorbell.

© 2010 L.A.

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