Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A Chapter by L.A.

Chapter Twelve

     "Oh my gosh, did you see that?" Claira squealed. "My dad's totally into your mom!"

     "Yeah, and my mom is definitely head-over-heels about your dad!" Francie replied.

     Claira got a gleam in her eye. "I bet the only thing that stopped them from kissing is the fact that we're here!"

     "I wonder what happens on their dates, anyway," Francie said thoughtfully. She had never really considered this before. All she knew was that her mother and Bill would go out a lot and she would always hang out with Claira. What her mom did on the date didn't even seem the least bit important--until now.

     The two girls spent the next hour telling each other what they envisioned their parents doing on the date.

     "I bet they kissed," Francie guessed.

     "I think my dad got your mom some roses," Claira said.

     They had this conversation until Francie mentioned something that she thought of every now and then. "What if our parents get married?"

     Claira looked at her and snorted. "Yeah, right. My dad would never get married again, after what happened with my mom." Or would he? she wondered.

     Francie's heart sank. "Oh."


     The two girls sat in silence for what seemed like forever. Tension hung thickly in the air like a fog and covered them.

     "You know what we should do?" Claira asked.


     "We should do some prank phone calls."

     "Good idea! Let's prank call Taco Bell."


     Francie whipped out her cell phone and dialed, 1-800-TACO-BELL, then waited for it to ring.

     "What should we say?" she mouthed to Claira.

     "Anything," Claira mouthed back.

     Francie sighed. Claira was no help.

     "Hello?" came a voice from the other line.

     Francie snapped back into focus. "Congratulations! You've won a free trip to Washington D.C. with"--she paused dramatically--"the Jonas Brothers! For more information, please call, 773-202-5862. Thanks!" Francie hung up.

     "You gave them the Luna phone number?" Claira said, amused.

     "Sure, why not?" Francie replied, laughing.

     "You know, this is kinda, well, boring," Claira confessed. "I thought it would be more fun. Usually our sleepovers are always so awesome."

     "Yeah," Francie agreed softly. "I guess I'm just upset because you said our parents could never get married, and I was really hoping that they would eventually."

     Claira put her arm around Francie's shoulder. "It's okay, France. Life isn't always the way you want it to be."

     "It would be nice if it were," Francie said sadly. Claira nodded her agreement.

     "Well, now what should we do?" Claira wondered.

     "I have no idea," Francie answered.

     "I'm starving," Claira said. "Why don't we order some pizza?"

     "Okay," Francie said. "But promise me that you won't flirt with the pizza dude this time."

     A smile tugged at the edges of Claira's lips. "I promise." She held out her pinky.

     Francie linked her pinky with Claira's, then she jumped up. "Let's get some pizza!"

© 2010 L.A.

Author's Note

shorter than most chapters, but i ran out of ideas.

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:O THAT prank call?!

Posted 14 Years Ago

:o Francie wants them to get married I'm guessing by her sigh?

Posted 14 Years Ago

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