Find It In Your Heart

Find It In Your Heart

A Poem by Andrea Greene

Gotta love recycled poems from January that I just discovered on an ancient iPod notes app. But it still sort of resonates so I decided, after re-reading the initial letter 8 million times, why not?

Do you think you could find it in your heart to reciprocate my feelings for you?
I'll remember that exact moment forever
Standing ankle-deep in snow in the middle of an open field
Reading something I never could have imagined possible
Face stinging with cold and uncontrollable blushing
Wondering in the back of my mind where you had run away to
But looking back down, shaking my head,
Looking up to the heavens and laughing, almost crying,  
Stunning, isn't it, that we had the same question for each other? 
Thinking to myself,
I've been reciprocating for longer than it was even reciprocation, undoubtedly,
And you ask if I could find it in my heart?
Oh, dear, 
And I can remember looking out
Seeing you running away
Heaven only knows what you're thinking
I almost yelled
"I have found it in my heart for so unbelievably long, I could've asked you the same,"
If I wasn't so afraid,
Ankle-deep in a snowy field that almost certainly couldn't have been the same one
That I walked out into,
Because everything from that question on had changed,
And everything waiting in an answer
Probably showing on my face as I ran after you
Trying to tell you
Some form of giddy, incoherent yes.

© 2018 Andrea Greene

Author's Note

Andrea Greene
proofreading? Who is she? Don't know her.

Anyways.... this is a thing. I guess. Comments and reviews are greatly appreciated, but never expected. Like tips at Panera. I saw that on the tip jar and am also extremely tired so bear with me.

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This is some fine heartfelt uninhibited writing! Usually I go for polished poetry, but in this case, I love your poem exactly becuz it’s a little nonchalant & choppy. It’s not super easy to follow what’s being said here, but I like it for that reason. We feel the awkward honesty of your storytelling. You show instead of telling the way such encounters/confrontations can be completely unintelligible in real life. You show the way many couples interact, each one thinking he/she is doing the most of this or that. Each is asking the other for reciprocation, which feels a little bit like an outrage & also a little bit funny/coincidental. This is just a delicious true-sounding slice out of life (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Years Ago

Oh my god you’re the most heart felt person ever and I love it so. So. So. SOOOO much. Please don’t ever change because when you’re in love you create the most alluring spellbound poetry so rare you won’t ever find it in anyone else’s work. Your words and perspective are so so beautiful and well created it’s paints such vivid pictures and emotions through every vowel. (That was hella cheesy) but that’s okay because you totally deserve it! Please don’t change!!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Andrea Greene

4 Years Ago

Ahh you're pretty much my favorite person?? ever?? And also you have such a way with words even in y.. read more

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Added on June 16, 2018
Last Updated on June 16, 2018
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Andrea Greene
Andrea Greene


Love is blind. I still fall for it every time, though, so it's certainly got sosething over me. more..


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