All my bets are on you

All my bets are on you

A Poem by Bad Wolf~

Sometimes I find it hard to breathe
And even harder to believe
That my tears will stop falling
Can't you hear me calling?
My hands are broken,
My mask's about to crumble
To the ground like ashes,
My head's spinning and life flashes
Before my eyes though I'm awake,
The wall I've built's about to break.

Sometimes it feels like I'm in pieces,
Fading like a flower,
Blindly searching my will power ;
When I feel like I'm gonna crack
I'm praying that you'll have my back,
As the only reason I'm not giving up
Is you,
You're the only hope in this dark
World so cold,
So please fight for me
When I can't be bold.

You're all I've left and all that matters,
Sometimes I need you to be my hero
When I can't be my own
So please don't leave me alone
In this dark world of make belief,
Filled with thiefs of dreams.

I put my faith in you against all odds;
It's true at times I wanna quit,
Leave behind this world full of s**t
Until I look at that picture of you-
Then it all makes sense anew,
That's why all my bets are on you.
So please don't make me regret
And try to be my hero
When I can't be my own,
Wishing you won't let me down
By leaving me alone,
Cause all my bets are on us and you-
Prove me right that you belong
Not only in my life
But in my future too.

You're everything to me
And all my bets are on you,
You're my hope and reason to believe
In a happier future life;
Ideally,hopefully with you by my side
That is, if by then you'll want me
And let me be by your side still,
I believe in many surreal things-
One of them being the hope to be
Allowed to be forever yours;
If that happened in the future
It'd be a dream come true,
Cause then happiness could fill
My life and finally set me free
From these broken wings of agony.

© 2014 Bad Wolf~

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well beautifully written, wide variety color of expression. thank for share

Posted 6 Years Ago

Bad Wolf~

6 Years Ago

Thank you Edward! I appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you liked this piece.

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Added on July 17, 2014
Last Updated on July 17, 2014
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