#2 I Was Shown The Door

#2 I Was Shown The Door

A Chapter by tynamite

I try to visit the garden, and I'm shown the door.


Two weeks later, I went back to the other world, the one I told you about in Excess Rah Style, and I ended up near the secret garden. I really wanted to arrive somewhere new, or where my friends was, but I didn't. Oh well! It's not often I can enter this world and arrive somewhere familiar, so maybe I was lucky.


I did the same thing as I did before. I used a hand glider to go down to the very same one I used before. As I was flying, I appreciated the green view. I could have easily gone to someone else's garden, but I wanted to go to the secret one, and most of all, I wanted to be around people I was familiar with. And besides, they're my friends, no, at least the girl is anyway. She took an interest in my presence.

So there I was flying down the the garden, and in front of me was the house the two lived in. I landed how I did before, facing the house. And instantly, like last time, the girl walked outside the back door to the garden to greet me. She smiled at me as she got into the garden, and she walked towards me and said her usual "how do you do" greeting, and was all whimsical and childish with her stance, doing a courtsey as she said it. She was now standing two feet away from me, a close proximity, and she was happy to see me, maybe she doesn't get many visitors. I can imagine. I had to fly to get here.


The boy came out, who looks younger or the same age, and he just lay on the open back door, staring at me. He looked at me like I was out of place, like I didn't belong here. He didn't want to greet me.

"You're back again" she said smiling. "Why don't I get you something to eat?"
I followed her to the house, leaving a pretty and neat back garden behind me. When I got to the door, the boy stared at me in disbelief shaking his head.

I didn't think I would ever get to go inside her house, but then again, hospitality is first nature in this world, so I wouldn't expect anything else. I looked to the left to see the girl I was walking to the house with, and she still had a happy look on her face. She musn't get much visitors then. As I entered the house, the first room was the front room. I noticed she had a tv. Not many people in this world had tvs, so that is a status symbol. Electronics are rare.


I got to the kitchen, and there was a pot and wok on the cooker. They were making spaghetti bolognaise. The boy was cooking mince in the wok, and the girl was watching the spaghetti. I stood by the hot radiator by the wall to watch leaning on it. They both weren't talking. Shortly, the girl started humming a cheery tune while staring the pasta round the pot with a wooden spoon, so that it wouldn't stick. She happily stood there, mixing a pot round, lost in her own world. I imagined her to be a story book character. Soon the food was done, so I could eat it.

I sat down at an old wooden table, and food was served with a knife and fork. The girl immediately found fun in the food, and spoke about how she could wrap the biggest heap on her fork.

"I can put loads of pasta on my fork. Watch."
Me and the boy both watched with fascination, watching the girl pile too much.
"I bet I can get more on than you" I said.
"No you can't" she cheekily smiled.
And she didn't hesistate to wrap loads of pasta on her fork.
"I'm going to get more than you" she said.
"No I'm going to get more than you."
"No I am."
We both hurried as fast as we could, and she won, some of my pasta somehow fell off the fork.
"I beat you!" she said with biggest of grins.
The wooden table was a corner table, and me being sat to the girl so close to her, I was starting to get delirious. The boy looked at me, and unknowingly bit his lip, so I knew he was thinking.

We carried on eating food, and the girl said "Look at this" once she got to her last spaghetti strand. She sucked it up, all one time. Me and the boy looked amused. I wondered if I would ever hear him talk. He signalled that she had a tomato sauce above her lip now, and she licked it off clean.


We all finished our food at the same time, and put stuff in the sink. The girl suggested that we all watch tv, so we all did. This was turning out to be a normal day, done a normal way, until I looked out the window. When I turned around, the girl's face had a disappointed look. The boy stared at me like I had done something wrong.
"Do you mind making me tea? Three sugars?" said the girl.
"No" I replied, and I was on my way.
"I want mine like hers, with milk in it" said the boy, and I was on my way.


After the tv show finished, the two went in the kitchen and the girl said
"Do you mind washing up the dishes?"
I said no looking at her. She didn't look happy when she asked. As I was washing up three plates and cutlery, the boy walked in the room a second time now, and dropped two cups in the sink with the teabags in. Bubbles splashed in my eyes and I wiped them off and had to keep blinking the irritant off my eyes.


For the duration of my stay, I was doing the girl's errands and having further work requirements off the boy. The look on his face each time, said it all.

© 2018 tynamite

Author's Note

My second novel is turning out to be a completely different novel than my first one.

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This was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed it and I hope to see more from you. You are a very talented writer.

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3 Years Ago

Although I appreciate your enjoyment and praise and I appreciate my writing and what went into it, I.. read more

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