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Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

December 6th, 1941


In a small house in a small neighborhood, two people were sitting in their living room. One was an eighteen year old son sitting next to a radio set, while the other, the father, was reading his newspaper. The radio played in its usual shaky tone in the small house when young Adam Bonner turned to his father and asked, “Dad, why are some people not afraid of death?” Franklin Bonner folded his paper and looked at him with a confused look on his face, the smoke from his pipe covering his eyes, “Huh?” Adam breathed in the air of the living room, he could still smell the scent of the dinner they just ate hanging in the air.


“I’m just asking because I’m confused how people don’t think death isn’t frightening in the least bit.” Franklin chuckled to himself and put his paper on the coffee table to his right and gripped the red futon he was sitting in. “This is because of that Hitchcock film you saw yesterday, what was that movie called?…Sustention…Seclusion…” Adam sighed and said, “It was called the ‘Suspicion’, first of all. And second, I’m just asking because of …well…yeah it is because of the movie.” Franklin shook his head and smiled. “You know that’s all just make-believe, right?”


Adam looked into his father’s eyes, “I know, I know. It’s just that when I left the movie, I thought it was intense because of the amount of death in the movie, but…I don’t know…my friends just laughed it off.” Franklin pointed to the kitchen where Adam’s mother was watching dishes and said, “Well, your mom would say that she thinks you kids today are being desensitized by all of the movies today,”


Franklin leaned close to Adam and whispered, “But between you and me… I honestly think that it’s because you kids just haven’t seen a lot of people die that are close to you. And I hope for your sake you never have to.” Adam sighed and said, “Dad, I said ‘I’ thought it was intense, but my friends didn’t.” Franklin leaned back, “Well, that means that your friends haven’t seen death, why back in the day,” “Don’t start again, Dad! I don’t want to think about war when you’re off leave on Tuesday.” Adam said.


Franklin held up his chin high, “But I am the great General Franklin J. Bonner, after all! I have many great stories and tales from the last war!” Adam shook his head back and forth, “Never mind, I’ll just figure it out later.” Franklin picked his newspaper up again and said, “Now get to bed. We have church tomorrow.” Reluctantly, he walked toward his room the question he asked still in his mind. Not answered. “Oh, and Adam,” Franklin said. Adam turned around. “I love you, son.” Franklin said.


The next day, December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.


Franklin and Monica Bonner were killed in the bombing.

The Second World War had just begun.

© 2012 Mister Cellophane

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Mister Cellophane
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Dangit, writerscafe didn't post my reply. This is really well done. You've left a cliffhanger, as is the point of a prologue or intro as I prefer. But the best thing is, you've created a very pivotal character in the prologue. How? You killed off Adam's parents. The reader is automaticly going to read onward to see what he's going to do. Is he going to fight in the war? Is he going to want revenge for his parents? Is he going to try to keep peace, yet hide his true feelings underneath? No one knows but you. Very nice prologue overall.


Posted 9 Years Ago

I missed the line"WWII had just begun" at the end there.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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