A Poem by whitfit

"mel massacre" From MySpace


We used to be bestfriends. Bestfriends Bestfriends. The kind who are always laughing together, always smiling, and never fight or get mad at each other. Then one day I started to realize she was buying the same things as me, just a different color, dress, act, look, talk the same way as me. I never really thought anything of it. I mean, come on, we were bestfriends! I kind of thought it was cool in a way. Then all my other friends started telling me that we looked too much alike and that it was weird, that SHE was weird. Not many people liked her to begin with because, I will admit, she was and still is, a huge loud mouth and crap talker. I always stood up for her, I'd put my foot down at anyone talking bad about her even though I knew she was really not a very good friend. Thats just me, my nature. I stick up and mother all my friends. Anyway, I ignored all my friends and continued to hang out with her.



A few months ago she left to go to a different school because she was tired of all the making fun of and everything. I of course was upset, but as soon as she left, within a week I heard she was talking crap about me, and she even went on myspace and told my boyfriend she liked him alot! I got so furiated and SCREAMED at her. I know I could have handled it in a better way, but I didn't. instincts you know?



A few months have gone by and I learned to forgive her, she told me she wanted things to be the same again and I figured she had changed.


So we plan to meet at the mall, and she ends up leaving before I get there to see her. I'm assuming now it's to see how I look and how I've changed, so that she can go right along and do exactly as I.




I just went on her myspace not too long ago, and I will tell you, this sounds dumb. But my About Me section on myspace, its full of my real emotion and words. Anything I write comes from ME and no one else. Their my words and mine forever.

Anyway, I get on hers and start reading HER about me... Then I slammed down the mouse. HER ABOUT ME WAS WORD FOR WORD THE EXACT SAME AS MINE!

[along with a few extra words]

I've never been more pissed in my life.



i dont know what to do.







© 2008 whitfit

Author's Note

Don't steal other peoples words. Seriously, it's the most frustrating thing in the world.

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Yes it is hun, i once had a guy re write an entire story of mine as he thought his version was better to put to the bbc...

No way, i really gave him loads.

Well said hun.... Dawn

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on May 5, 2008



Grapevine, TX

I'm Whitney. I'm 16. And my passion is all for writing. I hope to learn about this website soon, and begin writing tons of work that interest different types of people. My main goal is to write about .. more..


A Poem by whitfit