A Chapter by A.M.V.

HAVE YOU EVER FALLEN OUT OF THE SKY? Well, You probably haven't, but I'm gonna ask anyway just in case. There a few minutes of free fall, depending on how high you fell. In this case, lets pretend you fell all the way from heaven.

     When you're falling out of the sky you dont think about what you've done in your life like the songs and books say, instead you're screaming at the top of your lungs going, "I'M FALLING, I'M FALLING!"

     I'm only going to say this once--I'm a Fallen Angel.

     Before I died for the first time, my life was pretty screwed up. I was one of those laid-back guys and I'm not afraid to say that I still am, but I did not get along with my family. It seemed impossible for me. When my parents died, the blame was put on me. My brother Matthew hates me more than he did back when I was "Normal."

     I died two summers ago and as crazy as it seems, I was kicked out of Heaven. I was sent back to earth because I had some unfinished business. Somehow I'm supposed to "find my way" and get my brother to forgive me.

    That doesn't sound too hard right? Wrong. My brother is constantly on the move, knowing I'm after him. It's actually kind of fun, but that's not the point. I have to find some way to get my brother to forgive me and even with these fallen angel wings (pretty awesome), I cant move fast enough to catch him.

    My name is Alexander and this is my story.

© 2010 A.M.V.

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This seems quite interesting.
The history of this fallen angel is also surprising. i think it would be cool if I could read other things of his past.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 27, 2010
Last Updated on July 27, 2010
Tags: Fallen Angel, Family, Love, Romance, Adventure, Supernatural