A Chapter by A.M.V.

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After dying once, I hadn't given much thought into the possibility that imminent death could find me again. The chunks of agonizing pain that made up my second life were blocked out by the little bits of happiness I had received. It wasn't impossible to see this coming. It was just thrown at me at the wrong time; the wrong moment. And now here I was, facing death again. I had seen death so many times I had began to think that death and I had become friends, because before death took me in its arms it had put me into the arms of chance. Now I'm sure there was no way death would ever hand me over to anybody else again.

He stared at me with glowing blue eyes, slowly sparking in desire. I didn't recognize any of his features, except for the features that told me his main goal was to kill me. A low growl sounded from deep in his throat and I clenched my shaking fists, watching his every move.

He outstretched his dirty hand, just in my range. He smiled and tried to reel me, testing to see if I would give him what he came for without any protest. It was a shame that option was out of the question for me. I  stared at his dirty hand in disgust and positioned my lips to give a snarky remark when I had realized what was on his hand wasn't dirt.

Obviously noting the fear in my eyes, he smiled and motioned towards me again, signaling me to give him what was around my neck. I shook my head slowly and took two steps back. His smile melted away and sudden rage hit his face.

"I tried to give you the easy way out, but if you insist." In that very moment, he stepped into beams of moonlight that shown through the trees. My eyes widened.

"Give it to me." He demanded.

Anger rushed to my face and no longer swallowed by fear, I made my voice clear, my answer final. "No."

And with that, he lunged at me, ready to satisfy his hunger.

© 2011 A.M.V.

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Added on July 24, 2011
Last Updated on July 29, 2011
Tags: Vampire, romance, adventure